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This here is a compiled list of all my lens reviews up to date. ^_^
Here you can find all the circle/contact lenses that I've reviewed categorized by color and in alphabetical order, with all the lens names being clickable and linking to the corresponding review.
Remember to come back to this list for new lens review additions!

Informative note: Colors like Hazel, Aqua, Choco etc will be listed under their closest main color category – which means that both Hazel and Choco are listed under Brown, Aqua under Blue etc. Lenses with names containing Melon, Rose, Peach etc instead of colors will be listed under the main color that they appear the most as when worn, unless otherwise implied on packaging/vials.


Kimchi Prince Black

Angelic Eye Mesmerize Blue
Angelic Eye Princess Blue
Beaucon Vibrant Match Blue
EOS Bubble Blue
Flora Brenda Blue
GEO Xtra Aster Blue
GEO Xtra Morning Glory Blue
I.Fairy Eclipse Blue
I.Fairy Hanabi Blue
I.Fairy Moonlite Blue
I.Fairy Star Blue
Kimchi Misty Blue
Princess Pinky Twilight Blue
TheDollyEye BarbieDoll 400 Blue
TheDollyEye Lathae BD20 Blue
TheDollyEye Pop C Dark Blue
TheDollyEye Rosy Rosa Blue

Angelic Eye Princess Brown
Beaucon Jewels Brown
Dueba Volte Brown
GEO Princess Mimi Almond Brown
I.Fairy Ruby Brown
I.Fairy Venus Brown
Kimchi Viva Brown
Lenspop Bunny Color Brown
TheDollyEye Georgiae ML3 Brown
TheDollyEye Segoi-Pearl Prime Choco

Gold / Yellow
I.Fairy Hanabi Gold
Kimchi Kiss Gold
Kimchi Milky Gold

Dueba Volte Gray
Flora Diva Gray
GEO Mimi Cafe Cappuccino Gray
GEO Xtra Lotus Gray
I.Fairy Tofi Gray
Neo Ruby Queen Gray

Angelic Eye Princess Green
Beaucon Vibrant Match Green
Beaucon Jewels Green
Dueba Volte Green
EOS New Adult Green
Flora Diva Green
GEO Princess Mimi Apple Green
GEO Xtra WI-A13 Green
I.Fairy Ash Green
I.Fairy Casper Green
I.Fairy Hanabi Green
I.Fairy Trinity Green
Kimchi Flora Green 
Neo Celeb Green
SeeShell Dizoneye Green
Super Pinky Green
TheDollyEye BarbieDoll 400 Green
Vassen Bambi Green
Vassen Dori Green

Beaucon Jewels Pink Brown
EOS Dolly Eye Pink
GEO Xtra Forest Pink 
O-Lens BaviPhat 3 Color Pink
Princess Pinky Eclipse Pink

Fynale Honoo Red
GEO Xtra Forest Red
I.Fairy Ruby Red
I.Fairy Venus Red
Super Pinky Bright Red
Vassen Natural Sparkling Red
Vassen Sakura Candy Red

Beaucon Jewels Violet
Dueba Volte Violet
Flora Diva Violet
GEO Xtra Diamond Violet
MAX Elegance Tri-Tone Violet
Neo Celeb Violet
Super Pinky Violet

Special effects, animation & crazy lenses etc
ColourVue Crazy Lens Mad Hatter
GEO Animation CP-A4
GEO Animation CP-A6
GEO Animation CP-S1 (Sharingan)
GEO Crazy SF-34
GEO Crazy SF-75
Princess Pinky Orange Werewolf
Revo Colour Yellow Twilight