March 5, 2023

[Sponsored] Lens review: Chromaview Werewolf Fire


Today I will be reviewing my third pair of colored contact lenses from the shop Coloured Contacts.The lenses today are some spicy special effects contacts called Chromaview Werewolf Fire. This lens has the classic 'werewolf' print design and it looks pretty awesome!
The lenses that I'm reviewing in this blog post were sponsored by Coloured Contacts, meaning that I did not pay for the product(s) myself. This does, however, not affect my honesty in any way. The words and opinions in this review are my genuine opinion; I don't ever compromise my true thoughts and feelings.

Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14 mm
Water content: 53%
Life span: 30 days


So as I said above these lenses feature what is known as the 'werewolf' print – it's one of the recognizable standard sfx lens designs and while the same design is made by several different brands (Princess Pinky, ColourVue etc) there are differences in color intensity and opacity, lens stats like diameter and so on. So even lenses with the same exact base design will look different depending on the maker! The reason I mention this is because I've actually reviewed a couple other 'werewolf' style lenses in the past and I can tell that Chromaview Werewolf Fire is not the same as Princess Pinky Orange Werewolf (old review is old omfg).

I chose these lenses because I wanted to see how different essentially the same lens could be and also because I really like vivid, animal-ish colored contacts. There's something really cool with having eyes of a really bright unnatural color like amber or yellow – makes one look supernatural and wild!

One lens in.

I gotta say that these look pretty rad. The main color of the lenses is a true orange with some yellow around the pupil opening for a two-tone effect and added depth. It doesn't have a very blended color transition but it doesn't clash jarringly either and well, at a slight distance it looks really damn good and alluring – great for social media vampire selfies lol. The edges are black with irregular, burst-like spikes reaching towards the center. There is a slight enlargement effect but it's nothing out of the ordinary and won't make nor break anything.
The overall impact of these lenses is that they look clearly supernatural but aren't so insanely bright that you'd look overly cartoony (in fact these are slightly less bright than the previously mentioned Princess Pinky version). I really like the balance that is struck here as I feel like these lenses are somehow more pleasant (read: less obnoxious) and better suited for certain looks in my opinion. The color is opaque and it clearly pops, don't get me wrong on that because these lenses will change your eye color and it will look like wolf eyes and yes, it's a badass look. It's vivid enough to immediately bring attention to your eyes and I would vouch for how fun these are any day of the week!

Lens photos below!
All photos are taken by yours truly during a March noon with a semi-clear sky. All close-ups are free from color filters and the like and that's so that the colors would appear as true to life as possible.
Natural room light, indoors.

Bathroom light.

Flash photo, indoors.

Facing a window indoors, not sun side.

Unlit corridor, weak natural light in the distance.

Outdoors, back against the sun. (facing wall)

Outdoors, facing the sun.

I found these lenses thin and easy to insert, they kept their shape decently while held on my finger and didn't flop over as easily as the Chromaview Blackouts did. I hardly felt the Werewolf Fires in my eyes at all and they were overall comfortable to wear – I had no issues with vision blur, scratchy feelings or such. In fact I was very surprised to notice that, despite being a crazy lens, that these didn't block my vision at the corners in poorer light conditions (indoors with no lights on during daylight hours). It's so common that special effects lenses give you colored corners at the edges of your vision due to them having a slightly smaller pupil hole than your average circle lenses but nope, I didn't experience any funky orange tunnels with these baddies on!
Comfort is always a bit hard to estimate for me because my eyes are naturally very dry periodically and quite sensitive so yeah, it's so personal for every wearer how long you can wear lenses and that's because everyone's peepers are different. But as someone with dry eyes these lenses did not irritate me and I'm quite confident that I could wear these for roughly 4 hours at an event before I'd have to call in the eyedrops for some refueling lol.

All in all these lenses are lit as fuck and great for dressing up as supernatural beings be it werewolves, vampires, Medusa, cursed pirates, demons or some other imaginary creatures that lurk in the realms beyond our own. These also work great for cosplay if you need contacts for let's say Geralt of Rivia from the The Witcher games. I would definitely give two thumbs up for these lenses, they're really cool-looking and great fun for monster themed parties and photoshoots and heck, would complete alternative fashion outfits too like goths and post-apocalyptic stuff etc. Seriously, two thumbs up! 

Obviously I have nothing negative to say about these lenses and my collaboration with Coloured Contacts has been a wonderful experience – I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for cosmetic colored lenses and sfx needs. Click here for a full store review for more information about my experiences. :)

Distance photo!

Short summary:

Color: 10/10
Super alluring yellowish orange wolf-eye styled lens. Great color payout and looks simply amazing.
Design: 8/10
It looks like its namesake, 'werewolf'. Alluring and deceivingly simple but it all comes together nicely.
Opacity: 9/10
Very strong coverage and near miniscule transparency. These should change your eye color no matter what.
Enlargement: 3/10
There's a slight size boost but it's not that noticeable really, unless you're only wearing one lens for comparison.
Comfort: 8/10
Very comfortable, thin and a breeze to insert. No orange tunnel vision which was an unexpected surprise. I hardly felt that I had lenses.
Naturalness: 1/10
By style and color alone these are busted but yeah, they actually somehow look not-so-crazy at selfie distance lmao.

Thanks for reading and stay fabulous out there!
Thank you, Coloured Contacts! ♡

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