September 2, 2015

[Sponsored] Lens review: GEO Xtra Diamond Violet

Hello hello ~

I am here today to share another lens review with all of you out there! ^_^
This time it's the GEO Xtra Diamond Violet circle lenses! They can also be identified by their number code: WT-B31.
This pair was sponsored by the lovely LensVillage – I really do recommend their store! Go and check them out, they're wonderful to deal with and have a big variety of lenses available!

This review is 100% my honest opinion.

Base curve: 8.8 mm
Diameter: 14.8 mm
Water content: 42%
Life span: 1 year (I recommend 6 months)

The lens to the right is "wrong" side out.
So I got this pair of violet authentic GEO lenses with an amazing diamond print design! I fell in love with them at first sight, haha. ;u; I'm a sucker for more unique and artistic lens patterns, hrrm... ~
The design is really eye-catching and I'm hoping that it will look just as good on my eyes as it does in the vials! Now to try them on!

One lens in.
My first thought when I had finally gotten both lenses in was "these are thiiiiiiiin". I had problems getting them to "set" on my eyes – this could be a mix of base curve difference (my base curve is around 8.6 mm) and the thinness itself, I assume. When I put the lens in and then blinked my eyelid would take the lens up with it and then the lens would kinda just, err, fold itself out of my eye. Hard to explain! x) I also experienced the lenses literally wrinkling on top of my eye while it was trying to adjust itself in place; I had to force my eyelid not to blink or the lens would have gone off with the upward movement – or wrinkled even more.

When I had both lenses on I noticed that my eyes did the whole watery blur thing, aka that my vision blurs while my eyes moisten immediately after putting in contact lenses. This disappeared after a few minutes and the lenses settled properly.
The first 30 minutes the lenses were surprisingly comfortable – I barely felt them in my eyes! But that didn't last long, sadly. :c After about 1-1,5 hours I started feeling the lenses in my eyes and especially so when I moved my gaze around. At around the same time the left lens suddenly stung in my eye (which forced me to close my eye tightly in discomfort) and somewhere before or after that my eyes got really watery; I also got especially blurry vision on the left eye too, although both my eyes got the blur effect. Around the 2 hour mark the lenses felt rather dry and already after 2,5 hours I just wanted to take them off.
My eyes felt soooo dry after I took the lenses off and the dryness lingered on for pretty long – then again, take this whole comfort thing with a grain of salt since I've had sensitive/dry eyes lately. It's a bother. OTL I was mostly indoors while wearing the lenses and I did look at a computer screen, but the air conditioner was off.
I'm surprised that a GEO lens wasn't comfortable for me..? o.o I maybe just had a bad eye day – or this is an unlucky pair? I don't know what but it's a bummer. :/ Mreh.

Lens photos incoming!
All photos taken by me during a September evening with a semi-cloudy sky!
There's no color filters or such and that's so that the colors would be as true to real life as possible.

In my apartment, facing the window. (always sun side)
In my apartment with only light from the window coming in, aka lamps off.
Same as above, aka natural light in the apartment.
Flash photo indoors.
Bathroom light.
White-ish corridor light.
Yellow corridor light.
Shitty yellow light in the staircase.
Light at the bottom of the staircase, aka cellar/basement lamp light.
Outdoors facing the sun.
Outdoors with my back against the sun.
Outdoors in the building's shadow.
The color is nice and yes, I really like violet lenses. *_* The diamond design makes the purple color look darker from a distance though, because of the black areas in the print itself. The design is stylish and very likeable, although you can't really claim it to be natural... x)
These lenses are really big-looking too! The enlargement effect is enough to give dolly eye look, if that's what you're going for. ^_^

Lastly, distance photo!

The Xtra Diamond series are definitely circle lenses that make an impact. I believe that these would be great for people who like unique designs that stand out and that you don't bump into everyday!
I would assume though that these lenses would look a bit better on dark-eyed people, mainly because at least the violet ones does, err, "clash", a bit with my real eye color because of the big pupil hole – by this I mean that it doesn't give the smoothest transition effect where the lens meets the light-colored iris. It appears a bit harsh and sudden because of the design of the lens, but it's not bad either. I'm sorry if my explanation makes no sense... ._.

The only thing that brings me from really loving this pair is the disappointing comfort in my case; I don't think that I could wear these for much longer than a photoshoot before it would get uncomfortable. :( I don't feel like I could wear these for a full-day event or anything – not without eyedrops at least.

Short summary:

Color: 7/10
Nice violet shade that shows up well! ^_^ The color appears darker from a distance though, because of the lens design.
Design: 8/10
The diamond pattern is eye-catching (especially up close!) with all its details and black inner shades!
Opacity: 9/10
I would say that the printed part of the lenses is really opaque
it doesn't let through my real eye color, save for the pupil hole.
Enlargement: 8/10
Definitely big circle lenses!
Comfort: 3/10

Comfort was the bummer for me – these dry out very fast (approx. 2 hours) and they also seem to randomly make my eyes watery and blur my vision. :(
Naturalness: 3/10
These are violet, diamond-patterned and huuuge – totally realistic in other words, right? Riiiiiiiight?

That's all for this time!
Thank you LensVillage! ♡

August 28, 2015


Hello everyone! ~

I guess most are aware of it already.. but in case you didn't know I'm currently holding a giveaway over at my Facebook Cosplay Page to celebrate having reached 500 likes!
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To celebrate I've made a deal with my lovely sponsor LensVillage (one of my favorite and most trusted circle lens stores, check them out!) and they promised to give a free pair of circle lenses to the winner of my giveaway! Woop! o/ The best part is that –if you are the lucky winner– you get to choose what lens you want all by yourself!! Isn't that just great? >w<

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The giveaway image!
(this is just for reference; clickable link to the actual post above)
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 Please note though that a Facebook account is needed since this is a Facebook-based giveaway.
The winner will be announced on my Facebook page after the giveaway has ended. Keep an eye on it it just might be you! C:

I really hope that many of you will enter! I fixed this all up to reward all you lovely people out there around the world who enjoy my work. ;w; There is no country restrictions so yes, anyone can enter! So everyone who reads this, go ahead and join and do spread the word around!
Remember to hurry up though, only a few days remain! ;) Go go goooo ~

Best of luck to all the participants! ~

August 23, 2015

[Sponsored] Lens review: GEO Princess Mimi Apple Green

Chuu chuu ~

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer! ^_^ I've been quite stressed but I've also had a lot of time to relax and do things that I love during this long summer break: play video games, spend time with friends, go on a music concert, attend anime conventions etc. It's been quite the blast!

But hey, guess what? :D
I have a new circle lens review to share with you all wonderful peeps today! You see, I've gotten a new sponsor, woop! ♡ The lovely Eyedodo contacted me a while ago and asked if I was interested in reviewing a pair of lenses for them – my answer was of course a big yes!
I got to choose freely what lenses I wanted to try and for me the decision was made very fast; for long now I've wanted to try the wildly popular Princess Mimi (aka Bambi series) line by GEO and, as soon as I saw that Eyedodo carried them, I was set! I decided to shoot for the Apple Green since I have a huge preference bias towards green lenses, haha. ;v;
Get ready for a review of the GEO Princess Mimi Apple Green lenses!! ~

The lenses I'm reviewing in this post were kindly sponsored by Eyedodo.
All my reviews are always 100% my honest opinion!

Base curve: 8.8 mm
Diameter: 14.8 mm
Water content: 42%
Life span: 1 year (I recommend 6 months)

Before I start with the actual review I want to tell a few words about my experiences and thoughts about Eyedodo's store and customer service!
Before they took contact with me I had never heard of their store. I instantly checked it up online and my first impression was that the store looked really fresh, cute and inviting! They use a pink and blue color scheme and it's all just very nice to look at. :3 The site is also easy to navigate in; you can browse lenses by color, type, diameter, prescription and brand – it's really handy, pleasant to use and convenient. Me likey!
It seems like Eyedodo has been around for several years, although I'm getting the impression that most people don't know about them – heck, even I didn't know before and I'm starting to become quite the circle lens guru lol.
I'm actually really happy that they contacted me; I would have missed out on their wonderful store and service otherwise! Yep, I'm praising their customer service. You see, all through our email contact they were always super polite and friendly and the English was rather good to boot – better than what I've had from several other Asian-based sites, that is. Their responses were sometimes slow or delayed, for some reason or another, but every time they promptly and properly apologized so it's fine. All their emails were always kind in tone and were properly written in the sense of having a greeting and some sort of "have a nice day" type of well-wish in the end – never did their emails feel sloppy, uncaring or hastily written. I was really pleased with their contact and customer service; their kindness and professionality exceeded my expectations.
Also, their GEO lenses are authentic (check below!) and this leads me to believe that so would the rest of their sortiment be. You should be able to feel safe ordering from them! ^_^
I also want to mention that they shipped from Malaysia, just like many other big-name circle lens stores do. Shipping time was around the ordinary two weeks and I got no customs nor delays.

Based on my experiences with Eyedodo I would warmly recommend them to anyone! They were always helpful and a pleasure to deal with. I'm sure that if I would have had any issues they would have solved it in no time. I'm really happy that I got this opportunity to deal with such a lovely store!

Okay so, I mentioned in the store review part that I got sent authentic GEO lenses, which I got. :) I am very careful when it comes to circle lenses and where to purchase them from – there are stores out there that sell fakes so never, ever, assume that just because a store sells circle lenses they will be authentic and safe to wear. Fake lenses could damage your eyes and that's a thing you surely don't want to happen because hey, you only have one pair of eyes and they are irreplaceably precious!
So yeah, my GEO Princess Mimi lenses arrived and the vials looked just like they should – and so did the anti-fake stickers that were on each vial bottle. I can tell the real anti-fake stickers apart from possible fakes (look at the websites!) and these were surely the real deal.
Oh, and they also have the proper identification number code thingy on the lids, which is WMM-303.

GEO anti-fake stickers!
I even went to check up the lenses on GEO's anti-fake system, just because I wanted to be 110% sure, hahah! I just typed in the number code that was on the lower scrape-me-off gray part of the sticker and –boom!– the site told me that my lenses were genuine and safe to wear! Yes! o/
Note: Fake GEO lenses have their own "anti-fake" site that will tell you that your fake lenses are real. The real GEO's site is here. Fake sites and fake stickers will link to a different site so beware!

Screenshot proof of the authenticity of my lenses.
With the lens authenticity episode cleared let's move on to the "so, what came in the package?" part. Seeing how I had never ordered from Eyedodo before I had no idea of how they packed their items and so, of course, I wanted to review that too. C:
As I previously mentioned they send from Malaysia, although my package had gone through Singapore and had SG initials at the end of the tracking number code. This doesn't really mean anything though since I've had orders from other well-known circle lens online stores that went through Germany, haha. Yes, so when I got the shipment arrival notification I was quite confused "heeey I've not ordered anything from Germany, have I?".
Err, back on track! So yeah, when my shipment arrived after about 2 weeks I went to pick it up. It was this kind of yellow bubble wrap envelope, nothing special. I found it funny though that for some reason the item info description box said "false eyelash"... xD I guess that's why it felt like the guy who served me gave me a slightly weird look lol.
As soon as I got home I opened the package instantly – I was so excited! >u<
I pulled out this super cute plastic bag that had all the items inside it!

This was what was inside the bubble wrap envelope. So cute!
I opened the plastic bag and took out the contents – it only got cuter! >w<
There was an animal lens case (blue fishes, aka my favorite color and my Zodiac sign!), a very nice thank-you card with a personal handwritten appreciation message inside (yay) and so the lenses, wrapped safely in foam.
It all felt very thoughtful, personal and warm; it made me feel like a very appreciated and valued customer. ♡

This was what was inside the plastic bag!
I opened up the foam, expecting to be met by a pair of vials – wrong!
I was met by even more personal cutesy! x) It felt like the nice individual packing surprises just kept coming! It was awesome; seriously made me feel all warm and fluffy inside hahaah ~

Adorable tiny present box that the lenses were in!
There they are, neatly stored inside. :D
The packaging was top-notch, super cute and personal – it couldn't have been much better! It all felt like Eyedodo valued every single one of their customers and wanted them to feel appreciated. Having a store care for their customers this much is rare. I was taken by surprise how heartfelt it all was. *_*

Now that I've talked about the shipping (and how awesome it was) I can move on to the actual wearing of the lenses, aka get to the main part of the lens review. ;)

~ Lens review ahead! ~

Okay so, the first time I wore these lenses I instantly noticed how thin they were! Thin lenses tend to be more comfortable to wear because you feel them less and they let in more oxygen... or that's what I would assume at least. These lenses are so thin that they like to fold themselves in half while I'm trying to cleanse/rub them; I also had some problems actually getting the lenses into my eyes because they were so thin that they would flop over on my finger as soon as the lens touched my eye.
So yeah, these lenses are thinner than average but they aren't as frustratingly thin as the SeeShell Dizoneye Greens that I had before, so it's not a problem at all. :)

One lens in. This is to show the enlargement effect!
As soon as I had gotten both lenses in I was amazed by how pretty they were! ;o; I love green lenses to begin with but now that I had the Princess Mimi lenses in I understood why this series is so popular!
The design of the lenses is really eye-catching and it looks amazing, almost a bit mesmerizing with its lovely green shade! It makes me feel like some forest elf boy or something, hahah.
I think that this kind of lens design is great for cosplayers as well as J-fashion fans! It's a lens that will work for a lot of different looks and I'm sure that it's a favorite for many circle lens enthusiasts!

Photo batches of the lenses ahead!
First batch is indoor photos, second batch is outdoors.

All photos taken by me during a late August evening with a clear sky!
There's no color filters or such and that's so that the colors would be as close to real life as possible.

Facing the window in my apartment. Window is always sun side.
Bathroom light.
Flash photo indoors.
Apartment roomlight, lamps on.
Apartment roomlight, lamps on.
White corridor light.
Crappy yellow staircase light.
Facing staircase's window. Sun side.
Facing staircase's window. Sunset.
The enlargement effect is rather big but it's not big enough to swallow my eyes, at least. I think that the enlargement is perfect if you're looking for big eyes but don't want to overdo it. ^_^ It's big enough to be noticeable from afar and make your eyes stand out but not to the point of looking downright freaky. It's a really flattering size and yes, it does give you the anime look!

The first time I wore the Apple Green's I had them on for almost 4 hours before I started feeling like I wanted to take them off. I was in my apartment where I had the air conditioner (it's a big fan) running so the fact that I managed to wear the lenses for that long is already a good thing!
I did notice that my vision blurred towards the 4-hour mark and I did also always have this slight feeling that I was wearing lenses – especially when I blinked. Also, the first time I put the lenses into my eyes they watered a bit but it didn't hurt; it took around 10 minutes before my eyes got used to the feeling of having the lenses in.
The second time I wore the lenses I felt like they were slightly uncomfortable at first (it didn't hurt or anything, just the very noticeable "lens in the eye" feeling that is unpleasant) but that went away rather quickly. I managed to wear them slightly below 4 hours this time (I could still have worn them maybe 2 hours more at maximum, but that would have needed some determination) but all along I could feel that I had lenses on; that feeling never disappeared.
They're not the best in terms of comfort but still above average, especially when considering that the second time I wore these lenses I was playing video games and thus staring at a television screen those full 4 hours, which, normally, would dry out my eyes even faster than usual.
I think that at most I could stand wearing these for about 5-6 before really wanting to take them off, but that would be pushing it a bit and probably wouldn't be the most comfortable. The first feelings of slight discomfort tend to come around the 1 or 2-hour mark for me and my vision can get occasionally blurred – or there's a temporary feeling of dryness.

Outdoors, back against the sun. (aka facing the wall)
Sitting under the building's roof (in the shadow) outdoors, turned towards the sun.
Facing the evening sun directly.
Facing a corner of the building, back against sun.
Facing a wall/door of the building, back against sun.
I am loving the Princess Mimi Apple Green circle lenses and I would recommend them for any cosplayers, J-fashion fans, lolitas or just basically anyone who wants to try some really nice green colored contact lenses! ^u^
The only thing they lack in is comfort, at least on my eyes, but they're still comfortable enough to be wearable – and the sheer beauty of these lenses is nice enough to make me want to wear them anyway, haha. I am suspecting though that one of the reasons why these lenses aren't super ultra comfortable for me might have something to do with the fact that the base curve of my eyes and the base curve of the lenses doesn't match; my eyes have a base curve of 8.6 mm something and the lenses have a curve of 8.8 mm.

Lastly I have the photos that show what the lenses look like from a distance!

Short summary:

Color: 9/10
I need to say that the green shade is lovely
I love green lenses to begin with and these remind me exactly why! 
Design: 8/10
The design is really nice and eye-catching. It makes your eyes look lively and amazing and the black limbal ring just adds to it!
Opacity: 7/10

Opacity is definitely good. The green shows up well but it mixes in with my eyes towards the pupil.
Enlargement: 8/10

These lenses sure are big but it's not to the point of being overwhelming. I still feel like I could wear them to school... x) 

Comfort: 6/10
Not the best but not bad either. I can wear them for around 4 hours before the need to remove the lenses gets really big. When I wear the Apple Green's I always feel that I have contacts on.
Naturalness: 5/10

Mjeh, they don't look crazy or anything but they are a bit too fancy to pass for your real eyes, haha.

All in all, I am seriously pleased to the utmost with Eyedodo's service and I would really recommend everyone to give their store a look and buy from them if you find anything that interests you! ^o^
Their service is excellent and I really don't have a single complaint, even if I would try to look for one. They're a pleasure to deal with, based on my experiences. :)

Thank you for reading and I hope that this was helpful! (。◕‿◕。)/
Thank you so much, Eyedodo! ♡

August 20, 2015

Lens review: Dueba Volte Violet

Hello guys!

I have another lens review to share today! ^_^ It's the Dueba Volte Violet lenses which, sadly enough, might be impossible (or close to impossible) to find anymore. It saddens me that the Volte series is seemingly discontinued, but no can do – all good things do come to an end. :( They were one of my early favorite circle lens series, nuuuh...
These are seemingly also known under the name Dueba Twinkle Violet...?

Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Water content: 38%
Life span: 1 year (I recommend 6 months)

As you can see my vials are of the G&G brand and not Dueba. But this is nothing to worry about since G&G, Barbie and Dueba are all the same brand!

One lens in. Notice enlargement effect.
The first time I wore these lenses I was really sleep deprived (had slept less than 3 hours on the previous night) and I wore them at an anime convention. I could only stand the lenses for 2 hours and then I really really wanted to take them off. This surprised me greatly since all the other Volte lenses (Green, Gray and Brown) that I've worn have been of utmost comfort. Sure that my sleep deprivation and thus tired eyes might have contributed to the lenses feeling bad in my eyes, but I don't know to what extent. I remember them feeling dry and a bit itchy and I kept feeling them in my eyes at pretty much all times.
I wore the lenses again for a second time today and I instantly noticed that I still felt them in my eyes from the moment I put them in. This time I couldn't blame a lack of sleep since I had slept until 11:00, aka more than enough. I started taking the photos and after I was done I went back to chill and check internet. I noticed that out of nowhere my eyes got really watery and maybe 15 minutes after that I started feeling the whole "my eyes are drying and getting irritated" feeling. I kept the lenses on for 1,5 hours and then I went "fuck it!" and took 'em off. The horrible wig headache might have been a contributor.
I don't know if I've been having extra sensitive eyes lately or if I just got an unlucky pair this time around, but whatever the case these sure aren't as comfortable as the other Volte lenses I've had. *shrugs*
Oh, and even after taking the lenses off I kept feeling the whole "phantom lens" sensation, as if the lenses were still in my eyes. x) It took a while (30+ minutes) before my eyes got back to their normal comfy selves...

Photo batch of the lenses ahead!

All photos taken by me during a late August afternoon with a clear sky!
There's no color filters or such and that's so that the colors would be as true to real life as possible.

Indoors facing the window in my apartment.
Flash photo indoors.
White corridor light.
Crappy yellow staircase light.
(notice how my wig turned Miku Hatsune lol)
Outdoors facing the sun directly.
Outdoors sitting under the roof, facing the direction of the sun.
Outdoors, back against sun.
Outdoors, facing a corner of the building. Back against sun.
It's such a shame that the comfort is not very good because I really like the color of these; the design is also to my liking. I think that the purple color is surprisingly opaque – it doesn't disappear into my real eye color when I'm in a place with insufficient light, like the Volte Green tended to do easily. :/ 
I like that the Volte series have a medium-small enlargement effect so it doesn't look too dolly and will fit people who have smaller/narrower eyes naturally. They also look surprisingly okay in terms of naturalness, even with that noticeable black limbal ring haha.

Distance photos!

Psst, interested in seeing what the other colors of the Volte series look like? ^o^
Check out these reviews: Gray, Brown, Green.

Short summary:

Color: 8/10
It's a super lovely light violet shade!
Design: 8/10
I really do like the swirly design!
Opacity: 7/10
These have rather nice opacity. The violet shows up even in crappier lights without ending up "disappearing" into my real eye color. It also blends a bit towards the pupil.

Enlargement: 4/10
Enlargement effect is average, a bit on the small side maybe.
Comfort: 4/10
Comfort is the worst of all Volte lenses I've tried; for some reason I can't stand wearing these for more than 1-2 hours. :( My eyes feel them and can start watering for no reason or get moments early on when the lenses suddenly feel dry/irritating in my eyes etc. Maybe it's just an unlucky pair? It's quite the bummer nonetheless, as the other Volte lenses have been super comfy to me...
Naturalness: 6/10
If you don't count the black limbal ring and that violet is an unnatural color then these do, somehow, still look surprisingly natural.

Shiro Samurai out! Bye bye!