December 1, 2012

Närcon Vinter, I'm coming for ya!

Ohohohooo ~
Look what I have! <3 <3 <3

I'm about to explode with excitement and fly away on a manly sparkly rainbow of awesome!! The tickets were released today 14:00 Swedish time and I sat refreshing vinter!Närcon's page like an idiot the last 5 minutes so that I would get myself one of those Early Bird tickets for sure! For those not in the know the Early Bird tickets are 100 SEK cheaper than the ordinary ones, aka 250 SEK instead of 350 SEK. Early Birds tickets are limited so you need to be, well, early to guarantee that you will get one.. especially seeing how popular Närcon is and only 1000 tickets were released in total for the convention. I'M SO EXCITED OHMEIGERD the first vinter!Närcon, it will be so much awesome!

This also means that I'm sadly not going to Desucon Frostbite next year because Frostbite is on 16-17 February 2013 and Närcon Vinter is on 22-24 February. Too close to each other so I have to sacrifice one. Oh, and this also means I can't go to Kitacon in Kemi on 23rd February either because it collides with Närcon.

My reasoning for choosing Närcon Vinter over these two other cons are following:

• It's cheaper for me to travel in Sweden than Finland. (except that Kitacon would have been close to me, but it's so small it can't really compete with Närcon and Desucon...)
• Närcon Vinter is one day more than Desucon Frostbite and 2 days longer than Kitacon. The more con time the better; mer för pengarna ~
 • I have a free sleeping place if I go to Närcon Vinter, opposed to Frostbite, because Närcon is in Linköping and my oldest sibling lives there. Me gusta.
• I've already been to Frostbite this year so I have already "experienced/seen" it in a way while Närcon Vinter will be a whole new experience because this is the first time it's arranged and it's also in a different building that the usual (summer) Närcon + new activities. Hotto Dorinku (warm drink) bar anyone? <3
• Närcon in overall I think is better than Desucon and Kitacon, sorry. Närcon (summer) and Tracon are my two top anime conventions I've been to (if we don't count Uppcon because it doesn't exist anymore..) and of course then of a higher priority to me.

I'm not sure what I will cosplay there yet, but I have some loose ideas, so stay tuned for a cosplay plan revelation later! Oh, and if you didn't figure it out yet Närcon Vinter will be the next con I go to. Sorry, I won't be going to Wapanese Night 3 in Umeå because I'd rather save my money for Närcon Vinter and mom thinks I've been to too many cons this year already + December and Christmas stress...

Nothing else to say, bye!


Pantzar said...

Yey! I got an EarlyBird ticket aswell!

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Yay awesome! :D I heard by the way that they have already sold out all EB tickets. I just checked it myself on the site and it's true.

Monderleuchtet Verwandler said...

Wow Närcon in February? That's so cool, winter cons are epic win ^_^ I'm so jelly ~

Psycho Cat said...

Yes I will see you at vinterNärcon <3

Sairu Chan said...

Cool!! ^w^ Have fun there!!<3 :'3

Jäätynyt Enkeli said...

Jag tycker också att Tracon och Närcon är de två bästa konventen!


Angie Cross said...

I am still abit sad they didnt stick with the regular price which acutally is just 250 SEK with a sleeping ticket, like last year.. So much cheaper! D: But oh well! I got mii ticket nao so I see ya there ^^

CissyDella said...

I hope you have fun and good times there! ^-^