December 7, 2012

Kenshin wig + Masamune chainmail brainstorming

Remember my Cosplay Challenge from earlier this year? 

Well, some few days ago I received the wig I ordered for a future Kenshin cosplay. I bought it because the site had a sale and I just couldn't pass it up.. and I already know pretty dang sure that I will end up wanting to cosplay Kenshin anyway after I've read the manga and/or watched the anime. It's just one of those series I've been highly interested in for years (I'm a samurai/history/kimono/sword geek.. how can I not be interested in Rurouni Kenshin when it's such a praised classic?) and.. I just need to start reading/watching it. I plan to do it soon enough. *looks at the 5 first volumes of the manga in my bookshelf that has been there for over a year now*

Kenshin Himura
The wig looks like this right out of the bag and I must say ME GUSTA MUCHO!! <3

Just looking at this wig makes me so excited to read/watch Rurouni Kenshin haha. I love how I pretty much already happen to have everything I need for a blue kimono version Kenshin cosplay except the reverse blade katana. You all can be pretty sure I will do it next year ~

And now over to Masamune. I've been wondering about one part of the costume for quite some time.. namely the chainmail.

Masamune Date reference
As you can see he has chainmail covering his arms. Well, I surely don't have the time, money, knowledge nor the dedication to make my own chainmail from scratch.. at least not right now. It would take months and be very tedious.. I don't have that much time to put on a single part of the costume which isn't even that noticeable. So I thought about cheaper, less heavy (chainmail weights a ton, no lie. lol) and faster options.. I read around on the internet and found that you could buy a knitted shirt and spraypaint it silver. It would only look believable from a distance though. Seemed like a good idea until I realized it would likely be way too hot to wear during the summer time (main con season) and probably too bulky too. Then I remembered seeing in mom's fabric attic this one fabric that looks like.. silvery netting or something; I don't know what its proper name is. But I thought maybe it could work if I backed it up with some silvergray-ish base. The problem was that mom's version of that fabric had too big "holes" so it wouldn't look right even if I folded/layered it double...
So uhm, today I went to Eurokangas after school. I saw that there was a 20% sale on all fabrics currently and there I found this same type of netting fabric although with smaller "holes", more dense. Bingo! Truth is, I had seen it before but didn't buy it because I wasn't sure back then...

the net fabric in question
I just hope that this idea will work and look as nice in reality as it seems to do in my head. I bought half a meter of it, I hope that's enough... I'm not good at calculating how much fabric I need. xD

That's all for today. I really need to progres further on Masamune the coming days.. I've planned to do a mock-up test of the coat's upper half to see how it sits before cutting the parts out of the real fabric.

Oh well, stay tuned for more updates!


Zero said...

Minusta tuo "net fabric" on loisto valinta Masamunen chainmailiksi. Toisin kun Moonlight Partyn Masamunella, jolla oli chainmailin tilalla jotain epämääräistä trikoota

Monderleuchtet Verwandler said...

Ooooh Kenshin ~ I'm interested in that cosplay. (although I haven't watched/read the series yet either, but it does sound cool.) And your wig is just accurate ^_^
That fabric looks nice indeed for Date cosplay, nice discovery ^^

Arawn Elidd said...

Really looking forward to your Kenshin cosplay, b/c I know for a fact you will be one helluva damn sexy Kenshin~ Not to mention with that epic face scar. <3

OMG Freaking ingenious fabric discovery for your Date chainmail! :D

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Yay! Oh cool, but I'm not sure of "helluva damn sexy". XDDD
I'm looking forward to experimenting with that face scar, it's so cool!

Hahaha yeah! I just hope it will work out as well as I imagine.

ひとり said...

Kenshin <3 (~>3<)~