December 28, 2012

Cosplays for Närcon Vinter

I think I finally settled on what to cosplay at Närcon Vinter, 22-24 February 2013, my first con for the coming year. My Saturday cosplay has been decided for some weeks now but the Friday cosplay has been a question mark... until now. Here goes!


Series: Rurouni Kenshin
Character: Kenshin Himura

I finally started watching Rurouni Kenshin late yesterday and I'm already hooked after 5 episodes... I had expected nothing less haha. As you might know I got myself a (manga color) Kenshin wig not too long time ago and I already happen to have passable clothes, for a blue kimono version Kenshin, thanks to previous cosplays so... why the hell not? :'D Besides I'm itching for a new make-up/special effects challenge.. namely creating his cross-shaped scar. This will be fun.


Series: Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan
Character: Toshizo Hijikata

The Hakuouki roll continues. I'll probably never get tired of cosplaying from this awesome series. <3 Why Hijikata? Because two of my new-ish Swedish con friends plan to cosplay Chizuru Yukimura and Kazama Chikage and they really wanted me to join in as Hijikata so that we would have the complete trio. I happily accepted!
and it seems we will have a few more characters too, a group yay!

What I will cosplay on Sunday, if anything at all, remains a mystery for now. The con ends pretty early on Sunday morning (as far as I remember) so maybe I can't even attend it the last day.. it will depend heavily on when I have to leave Linköping; after all I have a long journey home. We'll see.


  1. Ah why do you do a Hakuouki grupe thing on Saturday?
    I whant to join in but, I have some other plan for that day maybe T^T Oh well it will be fun to see you guys again. Sedan vilka kommer man ser i gruppen? Är lite nyfiken på att veta =D

    1. Because we all felt Saturday would be more worth it as the main con day and because Hakuouki cosplays take so long to put on and all. XD Nå ööh, iaf jag som Hijikata och så Chizuru och Chikage, min tvilling ska vara Sannan och förmodligen ska en finsk vän vara Saitou också.

    2. Okej ni är förlåten jag vet att det tar tid men kläderna XD

  2. Yay Kenshin! I´d love to see when you wear that cosplay and how you do the scar >:

  3. Åååh I wanna join the hakuouki group too! T___T but I already have one cosplay that would take some time to make
    ( and I dont have any specficit day to wear katara really then depends on more when my cosplay partner can since she will be working there OTL, 2 perhaps exchange in one day anyone? LOL ) and even if i did happend Heisuke too would take as abit more time than the Katara cos i believe. oh well someother time perhaps! xD

    Men ja ska blir kul att ses igen! :3

  4. Awesome cosplay-plans there! Me gusta mucho! 8DD I would really love to see you as Kenshin nyaaau~ ;_; Have fun there!<3 \(^w^)/

    1. Thank you! I'll try to cosplay Kenshin at a Finnish con too if possible! ;D

  5. Epic cosplay plans, man! OMG how awesome that you will have a Kazama in your group. XD Be sure to take lots of photos of you two fighting over Chizuru, haha.

    So will you be doing some Kenshin scar tests? x3

    1. I hope we will have a photoshoot with the group! So many possible cool scenes we could do!

      You can bet your ass that I will! I'm so looking forward to scar tests! xD


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