February 12, 2013

A whole new experience – cosplay contact lenses! (Super Pinky Violet review)

 Hi hi!

// EDIT: This post is a review for the Super Pinky Violet circle lenses, as well as me talking about my very first experience with contact lenses //

For quite some time now I've been thinking about starting to use colored contact lenses for my cosplays.. or well, at least for those characters with unreal eye colors (red, golden, violet etc) or otherwise very vibrant eyes or just, whenever the hell I feel like I want to use contacts. xD Yeah, seemingly my brother Jäätynyt Enkeli had thought about doing the same thing, so we decided that for our Närcon Vinter Hakuouki cosplays we'd take our cosplaying to the next level!
I had done a lot of research prior to buying my first lenses so I knew what online stores were safe to order from and had a pretty good general idea about lens care, how to put them in and take them out, what brands were recommended for light eyed people etc. I knew what I was getting myself into... and I was excited.

A few weeks ago me and Jäätynyt Enkeli placed an order together at HoneyColor. I purchased a pair of violet contacts, namely the Super Pinky Violet, for Toshizo Hijikata because –let's face it– violet is not even an eye color that's possible to have naturally. And for some reason it bugs me more personally when I cosplay someone with unnatural eye color if I don't have said color; it's more noticeable or something just because it's, well, not normal. OTL

Toshizo Hijikata as seen in Hakuouki anime
I decided to go with the Super Pinky line because I had read that those had a smaller pupil hole than your usual circle lenses and one of my main concerns with getting contacts –as a light eyed person– was that because of a bigger pupil hole my real eye color would show like a ring around the pupil and clash with the contact's color and look off. ._. Circle lenses are mostly made with Asian people in mind and with dark eyes I can't imagine this pupil hole problem being hardly a problem at all, because brown is much closer to black (aka the pupil) than say gray or blue is, so brown "blends in" much better.
Oh well, back to the contacts. Except the contacts lenses I also got a random free cute animal lens case – in my case a blue elephant one.

I must admit they are quite adorable...
Enough rambling. Okay, so I had already taken the lenses out of their original vial bottles and done the preparations earlier so I won't go through those. I mostly followed PinkyParadise's Wear and Care Guide and had no issues. Before starting I washed my hands thoroughly with some mild liquid soap and I just followed the guidelines. Oh, I had also marked the bottom of my lens case earlier to be able to know which container was for the right and left lens. It's seemingly not recommended to mix the contacts up, like if you once use a lens on the left eye you should always use it on the left eye... or so I read.

This is what the lenses looked like in the lens case.. (bathroom light)
Sorry about bad quality photo.
Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.8 mm
Water content: 45%
Life span: 1 year (I recommend 6 months)

I know new contact lens users often have problems getting the damn things in but it didn't take so long for me, maybe 5-10 minutes in total for both eyes. I did have that "the contact won't stick to my eye" problem but after a few tries I got them in. But the most bothersome thing was trying to keep my goddamn eyelids from not blinking out of pure "ohmaigerd-something-weird-is-touching-the-eye!" syndrome. It wasn't the most pleasing feel having a new object touching your eyes; sure I had expected it would feel really weird at first but I didn't think it would be so hard to keep my eyelids open because normally I have no problems touching my eyes. Oh well, after some iron determination and mentally yelling "GODDAMMIT EYELID CALM THE FUCK DOWN. IT'S JUST A CONTACT, OKAY?" ... yeah. I'm weird.
When I got the contacts in I just blinked a few times to have them adjust themselves to the right place. For a few seconds my eyes got really moistened and it just felt really weird and a bit uncomfortable (no scratching, "dirt in my eye" or burning feelings though, so nothing bad) but that makes sense because this was my first time ever. After a few minutes it didn't feel all that weird anymore – got slightly used to it I guess. I noticed it felt the most weird if I moved my eyes hastily. Oh well, nothing impossible to overcome, it's just a question of getting used to it.
By the way I had no problems removing the lenses, I just slid it down to the whites of the eye and pinched the contact very carefully with my thumb and index finger and took it out.

And now for some pictures taken in your usual yellow-ish bathroom lighting.
EDIT: Sorry for the absolutely horrendous photo quality. OTL These first photos were taken with my old shitty digital camera.

Different-pair-eyes. o_o It's a flash photo, by the way.
Uploaded this just for comparison.
Bathroom light, both lenses in.
Flash photo indoors.
The color is pretty noticeable, not all over your face but violet for sure. The diameter is 14.8 mm, which is on the average bigger side, as far as circle lenses go.
My eyes do look a lot more anime-ish with contacts – me gusta! I'm really happy with these contacts actually, I just need to try them some more times to get used to them. Oh, and my real eye color is a blue-gray with hints of green, for those who wonder.

Here's two more photos of the lenses.
Both taken outdoors by me during summer, with a notably better camera. 

I also have a bonus close-up cosplay photo!

Hijikata cosplay photo. It shows quite well how
the lenses look from a distance.
Check out some other colors of the Super Pinky line and how they look on light eyes!
Reviews made by me here: Red, Green
, Wine Red
Short summary:

Color: 7/10 
Noticeably violet, even from a distance. The shade is quite cool.
Design: 5/10 
Kinda generic design but it's not bad.
Opacity: 7/10
The violet is pretty opaque, hides my real eye color nicely.
Enlargement: 8/10 
These are enlarging. It's between a natural and unnatural look and yeah, they occasionally look creepy on me.
Comfort: 6/10 
Okay. Sometimes feels uncomfortable for a while when I put them on.
Naturalness: 2/10 
Doesn't look very natural because of enlargement and color but still not super freaky either.

Bye bye and thanks for viewing ~~


Sallukka said...

ZOMFG~! Kuten sanoin jo me gusta mucho!! <3 Aivannnn upeen näköiset!!

Rainbow!blood?? xD

Shiro Samurai said...

Kiitos!! Mä en malta odottaa kunnon Hijikata photoshoottia! <3

No sitä just! >8D

Angie Archer said...

Ooh but they looks good on you! Really suits ya!
I am abit proud of ya starting to use lenses~ :3 jag funderade oxå på att ta Super pinky violet om jag cosplayar Sailor Saturn. Ett tips är att du kolla upp eller stänga ögat lite då du fått på linserna,det brukar funka.

I am going to order form honeycolor this time since it like last time I ordered form pinky I had to email them about the payment ,cuz it really fucked up when you gonig to pay thought their site..So it took some extra days Dx
...and they dont ship out stuff until sunday. .w. + They ones at honeycolor are much cheaper! xD

Shiro Samurai said...

Thank you! Jag kommer inte använda linser till alla karaktärer, bara såna jag anser man behöver linser till eller om jag gillar karaktären så pass mycket att man vill göra den så perfekt som möjligt. :)

Jo köp dem, de är fina! (bilderna visar inte helt rätt färg, ska testa i dagsljus senare)
Tack för tipset, ska testa det.

I ordered from HoneyColor because Pinky Paradise didn't have all lenses in plano. Also HoneyColor sent very quick and no problem, very professional service. I recommend them.


Ri-kun said...

They look good! Also, mine felt odd too when moving eyes fast, like the lenses were lagging behind or something. xD

Wha...? Ten days?! I'm so excited and slightly nervous here!

Shiro Samurai said...

Thank you!
Oh, thanks for telling me. I just wondered if it was because of "lens lag" and now it seems it was.. I guess it's normal right? xD

I'M SO EXCITED sghjshja;ajhg <3
Don't be nervous, it will be AWESOME!

ひとり said...

No sun silmät.... Mä just kuolin <3 *A*

Shiro Samurai said...

Täh? xD Ei mun silmissä oo mitään kuolettavan erikoista.. mutta piilarit ovat cool, jos niitä meinasit. x)

Ri-kun said...

I think it's normal. Or at least it's not harmful or anything.

I know it will! I try to relax. ^_^

Psycho Cat said...

Mycket fin lila färg skall nog testa att beställa från dom någon gång när jag har pengar och så.

I alla fall ser dom ut att passa mycket bra för Toshizo Hijikata så yay har testa linser innan men fan lär mig aldrig att sätta in dom eller så vettigt XD

Samt 10 DAGAR???? Skall blir kul att ser er igen =D

Shiro Samurai said...

Tack tack! Testa på, de är riktigt fina! (bilderna visar inte helt rätt färger dock.. dåligt ljus i badrummet osv)

Jag ska testa dem i bättre ljus också med cosplayn på så tar jag fler bilder sen!
Hahah jag tyckte det var rätt enkelt faktiskt! XD

Ja, 10 DAGAR! Ska bli kul att se dig med!

Psycho Cat said...

Det är bara jag som suger på att XD Men ja man blir snabbare jö mer man träna samt så bara för mig att börja träna på att.

Måste kolla på ett par linser jag har men inte använt om datumet har gått ur dom eller inte XD

Fy stressen kommer i fatt mig XD

Unknown said...

ZOMG~ Hello sexy purple Hijikata eyes! <3 Seriously bro, those look amazing and will definitely take your Hijikata cosplays to the next level. Major kudos to you for venturing into color contact territory for the sake of cosplay! (I could never go there myself xD)

Shiro Samurai said...

HELLO THAR. xD No but really, shkjfg;asdf thank you! <3 I can't wait to try them with the rest of the cosplay on too! (and in better lights!)

Yup, I'm happy I took this step. Honestly at first I was just like everyone else, thinking it's too hardcore for me or something, especially with the really careful care required but trololo~ here I am! x)

MissLunatic said...

Good luck with your lenses.
They look very good indeed. Violet, but not tooo artificial considering that it is an unnatural colour. (A ring is not visible either around your pupil.)
Unfortunately I'll never be able to go to that level (not sure if I wanted to anyway) since I already feel a little dizzy when reading this -.-''. I've kind of a phobia of contact lenses or rather anything that comes too close to my eyes. Can only force myself to watch someone putting them in or out and nearly collapsed once when someone else helped me to put on khol...

It's good that you informed yourself thoroughly beforehand :). Lenses are not something to be careless about I think.
Besides your lens cases look really cute indeed :)

Looking forward to more pics of Hijikata ;).

Frozen Angel said...

Looking freaking awesome bro! Got the urge to try out my lenses too, but I fear I might not have the time, school is srsly killing me AND my freetime. So I might end up not using lenses for my Sannan cosplay this time at Vinter Närcon >:

Also I love that those contacts are clearly violet but not INYOURFACE color.

Shiro Samurai said...

Thank you! Yeah, I agree with that.
Ah. :/ I do understand some people have a really bad fear of touching the eyes etc so I understand it's not for everyone.

Yes of course, contacts are not something you can take all lightly, there's lots of especially caring information you need to be aware of. :)

Oh thanks, I'm really looking forward to wear these with the whole cosplay and take some better photos!

Shiro Samurai said...

Thanks bro!
Well, you left the lenses here so unless you come to pick them up or try them the next weekend (if you can come here) then I don't think you really have time enough to wear them comfortably at the con. :/
But you could always wear them after the con for a photoshoot!


ひとり said...

Nekin on cool mut mä tykkään sun silmistä *A* Aika monta kertaa oon sen sanonu :3 Sinulla on ihunat silmät <3 Miumau

penquinnchan said...

Hienot linssit, sopii peruukkiin tooodeella upeasti <33
Plus näyttävät hienoilta päässäsi (<- lauseeni kuulostaa todella upealta xD)

Shiro Samurai said...

Kiitos! :D Vaikka kuvassa on siis mun oikeet hiukset. xD Testaan piilareita peruukin ja cossin kera seuraavan kerran!

Hasa said...

First time wearing contacts sure is... interesting XD Especially colored ones. You seem to know pretty much everything on these so it's okay ~
And they sure look great! Very much Hijikata-ish, it's good because violet contacts often turn out to look more blue than violet if they are too light... I was very disappointed by my own violet contacts for instance ^^;
And OMG Vinter Närcon, det blir jättekul :'D

Shiro Samurai said...

It sure was interesting indeed.
Thank you! Yeah, I've heard some violet contacts hardly show up as violet at all.. or they turn blue lol. I can't wait to try these on with the whole cosplay!

Närcon Vinter. <3

penquinnchan said...

Awawawawwawah, hidas reaktio, sulla on siis oikeastikin mustat hiukset o_o Hyvä minä :-D

Shiro Samurai said...

Joo on, tai no, siis värjätyt melkein-mustiksi-mutta-ei-ihan. xD Luonnollisesti semmoinen tositylsä perus maantieväri mikälie, trololo.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this review. I'm cosplaying Star Guardian Lux and I fell in lobe with Super Pinky Violet!!! Nkw that I see the effect on light blue/grey (with some green sparkles) eyes I'm super sure these will definately serve me out
Thanks again