February 6, 2013

Start of Masamune's coat!

 How's it going? :D

Decided to cut out out the parts for Masamune Date's (battle) coat/vest thingy or whatever it's supposed to be. I did a prototype version earlier of the coat's upper part so I feel confident enough to cut the real fabric now.. or do I? -_- Oh well, here goes!

Preparations.. all patterns are in a pile
Patterns pinned in place, ready to cut.. (back and spiky piece will be cut at the fold)
I cut everything out after that. I did do a small modification before cutting out the front pieces though, I added some extra length to the bottom center because now when I think about it I thought the prototype version looked a tad too short there.. like the tips wouldn't touch just enough above where the belt will be.

Front pieces cut out with the small tweak
I'm not sure if it will work together with the rest of the pieces but I decided to add the extra width just in case. I can always cut it out later if it doesn't fit together with the spiky "butt cape" and the back piece attached.

Oh, I only left seam allowances on the parts that will be.. well, sewed together somehow. I skipped them on most parts that will have the white trim running along the edges.
Reference image
Here's an example:
As you can see no seam allowances on the collar's upper half
and the front part because there will be white trim..
Ah, and speaking of the collar.. I will do it double for extra strength (and probably put interfacing between) so I cut out two pieces more.

Pinning done collar pieces on fabric..
.. and after cutting the (second dose of) collar out I now had all pieces ready. YAY!
I then took the back piece and goofed around with it in front of a mirror and noticed I might want to trim the shoulder points a little because they looked.. well.. kinda exaggerated and I'm not sure if I like them that way. So what to do? I matched up the front pieces with the back piece at the shoulders, pinned them so that they wouldn't move aaaaaand..

Pinned and ready for modifications...
.. cut!
And that's about it. I then just took off the patterns from all the fabric pieces, folded them and put them away. I also noticed that the fabric hardly frays at all, cool. Then again it's some weird denim fabric with a plastic-y touch to the fabric's "right side". Oh, and speaking of this fabric's weirdness.. I wasn't sure how well it would take ironing so I took one of the scrap pieces and put the iron between 1 and 2 dots and tried first to iron at the "wrong side", aka the side that feels like denim, and well... the fabric's reaction was:

Except that the fabric rolled itself like hell I could see no damage done by the ironing. I could iron on top of the "right side" too. But I don't think I want to risk using the iron on any higher heat because this fabric sure isn't your usual denim.

That's it for today and tomorrow I will take the back piece with me to art class so that I can screen print the symbol on it!


Monderleuchtet Verwandler said...

This fabric seems to be really weird. (t)roll!fabric hohoho ~
I'm really curious about how the printed symbol will look, cool! ^_^

Arawn Elidd said...

It's taking shape! You've made great progress on the collar, man! Holy cow you're right about that not being your usual denim. o_o; I've never seen fabric roll up like that after ironing! Please tell me your coat won't do that when it's finished! D;

Quick note on the coat: The trim looks really silvery/grey to my eye. It matches the color of the chain mail, or at least it does in the reference picture. Just wanted to throw that out there before you start on the trim! Final choice is yours, of course. :)

Lastly, OMG Dude... did you you know that you and I have the same exact handwriting style?! XDD When I looked at your writing on the patterns, it looks just like mine - small and neat. It's seriously insane how much we are alike! XD

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Thank you! :D
It sure is weird yeah.. but I really like it too because it has a very slight awesome shine to it and it's also a bit heavier and I can imagine it holding shapes really well with some support. Also I really love the color, I think it's pretty perfect for Date. xD (depending on what reference you look at lol)

*looks closer*
Yeah it seems to change a bit depending on the picture too. :s I have not yet decided what color I will use but it will be something that we have at home for sure.. because I'm cheap. lololo XD

Pffffffft you kidding me right? XD No way!! :'DD
But that's my fast-and-lazy handwriting hehe, when I write normally my handwriting is more... stylized and wonky I guess. x) You can see it on some of my drawings in dA, although the latest one (the Okita "memory" drawing) has extra-special-stylized handwriting so err, I don't do quite that detailed normally but you get the idea.. XD

Valkoinen Samurai said...

It is weird yeah.. trollroll!fabric for all that it's worth.. but it's pretty awesome anyway. XD

I'm looking forward to printing it!