February 20, 2013

Närcon Vinter 2013 preparations!

Hi guys!

Tomorrow 13:45 Swedish time I will leave for Haparanda bus station to take the bus to Luleå.. and from there I'll take the train to Stockholm and further to Linköping.. to Närcon Vinter!

I'm so terribly excited over this, I've been longing to go to a con since Skecon early last November and tomorrow the loooong journey down starts! I have to travel 19 hours because I live so far away and I try to avoid taking the airplane when I have props with me because.. well, personal experience with stuff (read: a sword) breaking. Train and bus just are safer even though it takes a lot longer.. but I don't particularly mind because I'm used to traveling long distances.. hell, before my parents divorced we drove car from Sweden to Italy. xD
I actually started packing my suitcase already yesterday. I'm not quite done yet. Speaking of suitcases, I bought myself a new one last week. I got it for 50€ (I had a 50€ gift card hehe) and it has a pretty nice size, not too small but not too big either. Just right for me!

Con stuff!
I took out my Hijikata swords (although I've used them for other characters too) yesterday to check them and I managed to break the very tip of the longer sword when I took it out of the sheath too hastily. This was no surprise because there's been a crack on it for a long time *coughsinceuppcon2012cough* but it hadn't fallen off so I didn't mend it back then. Now it indeed broke off so I took some glue and glued the chipped piece back in place.

After I had glued it back in place..
I've also got my hands on a small red glass pebble some time ago and, because I won't have time to try on the whole Espeon gijinka before the con, I decided I should at least check if the pebble would stick to my forehead with some spirit gum. It did.. after some pressing. This means my Espeon cosplay is ready!

Glass pebble testing.. success!
Oh, also this time I will have a new friend with me to the con.. I borrowed it from school over the con weekend! Say hello to le digital SLR camera! <3

Nikon D60
This obviously means I can take more-awesome-than-usual photos of my friends (especially if they want a quick cosplay photoshoot!) and of course of the Saturday Hakuouki cosplay group! Did I tell we're going to be surprisingly many Hakuoukis? We have me as Toshizo Hijikata, Jäätynyt Enkeli as Keisuke Sannan, Ri-kun as Hajime Saitou, Psycho Cat as rasetsu!Sannan and Izz as Souji Okita. There will also be a Chikage Kazama, Chizuru Yukimura, Isami Kondou and two more Saitous. I hope I'm not forgetting anyone. xD We are so many, OHMAIGERD I'm so excited because last summer when I cosplayed Hakuouki very few people knew who I was supposed to be and I'm just so happy to see there's Hakuouki fans in Sweden too! (I've had the impression the series is more known in Finland..)

Now to finish packing and then PARTY HARD with le twin... lol not really. But seriously, this will be SO MUCH FUUUUUUUN!! ~~ :'DDDDDD

See ya!


Rullarinkeli said...

Paljonko maksaa Haaparannasta Luleån, Luleåsta Tukholmaan? Tämä taitaa tulla lentämistä halvemmaksi? :)

Valkoinen Samurai said...

No hinnat vaihtelee aika reippaasti mikä päivä/aika mutta 20-25 vuotiaalle semmoinen 550 SEK - 1000 SEK per menosuunta. 16-19 vuotiaat pääsee about 100-200 SEK halvemmalla per menosuunta.

Tosiaan lentämällä voi myös päästä tosi halvalla (jopa halvemmalla ku juna) jos on joku tarjous/viime-hetken-matka tai jos tilaa "ungdom" (nuoriso). Hoks! Lähin lentokenttä on Luulajassa. Eli joudut Haaparannalta ottamaan bussin/taksin/jotaki.

Kannattaa katsoa vaihtoehdot ennen ku tilaa matkan. Itse suosittelen junaa jos on särkyviä proppeja.. koska lentokoneessa on vaihtunut säännöt että "special luggage" maksaa 200 SEK extraa ja ne ei ota mitään vastuuta jos särkyy...

Jäätynyt Enkeli said...


Also were did you get the gem for Espeon? And le digital camera looks all awesome, can´t wait!

Arawn Elidd said...

OMG how exciting that there will be LOTS of Hakuoukis there! <333 I totally cannot wait to see pictures of everyone! 8D That gem looks fabulous, btw. ^^ Ooooh~ Very nice idea of borrowing the digital SLR camera for the con! That baby should take some fantastic quality shots for sure ~

HAVE FUN AT LE CON! :) (Wish I could go too!)

Anonymous said...

oisit tullu kitaconiin, sinne olis ollu lyhyempi matka ;))