March 27, 2019

Lens review: Vassen Rainbow Eyes Pinkish Brown

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I have a batch of lens reviews waiting for their turn and today it's the Vassen Rainbow Eyes Pinkish Brown that is served, also sometimes known as simply Vassen Rainbow Eyes Pink. I decided to classify these as brown though as that's the primary color that they look like, despite actually being a duo-tone lens with both pink and brown evenly.

Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Water content: 42% 
Life span: 1 year (I recommend 6 months)

I bought these on sale and because I was curious. Not like I had any high expectations as I went in knowing that this will most likely be a soft, natural lens. And it is. In fact it's a realistic lens that, despite its two colors, look believable and casual thanks to its perfect, smooth blending that saves the lenses from having a harsh transition from lens to eye at the pupil opening.

The color split is fifty-fifty brown and pink, but since brown is the stronger color of the two that's the one that takes the most space. The pink isn't completely erased once the lens goes onto your eye but it's just more like a hue than an actual pink lens, hence pinkish brown in the name I guess? Just don't get these if you expect to get pink lenses as you'll be disappointed.
Also, the farther away the viewer is, the more brown and dark the lenses look. The pink is mainly visible only when up close, or in really good light conditions.

One lens in.
I feel like these are meant to be a daily lens, more like an enhancing type than a completely-change-your-appearance type. It might just be me but these mainly just color the edges of my eyes, leaving the center bare with my own eye color being completely visible. It's still cute but if you're looking for a costuming or more covering lens then keep looking. This is more like a "pimp up your eyes" lens to add a twist without really going all the way. Great for casual and daily looks when you want something extra but don't want to overdo it either.

Lens photos ahead!
All photos taken by me during a March morning with a cloudy sky. There's no color filters or such on the close-up photos and that's so that the colors would be as true to real life as possible.

Natural light indoors.
Yellow light indoors.
Very poor natural light. (in a corridor)
Bathroom light.
Flash photo.
Facing window. (not sun side)
Outdoors, back against sun.
Outdoors, facing the direction of the sun while it's completely hidden by clouds.
It's a fun lens, it gives cheerful vibes and makes me somehow think of a more carefree life. A casual lens that is easy to pick up and insert into any looks and that won't need a lot of planning. You won't be scaring any grandmas and you'll most likely just look like your eyes are a bit extra fine and youthful that day.
The color is concentrated near the outer rims and the blending is super delicate, too bad that my eyes are light blue and not brown as the contrast is obvious and breaks the natural illusion, despite the super fine soft hue blending at the edges. I think it would look better on dark eyes personally but yeah, if you like this kind of 'oomph' contrasting limbal ring look then by all means try these if you have light eyes.

Regarding comfort I'd say that based on my first impressions these were thin, invisible to wear and generally comfortable. I'd say around 4-5 hours on my dry-ass eyes, which is a lot. If you don't suffer from dry eyes you can probably wear them for like 6-8 hours or such.

Distance photo~

Short summary:

Color: 5/10 

Don't go in expecting pink lenses. Looks a medium darkish brown more often than not, still nice though.
Design: 6/10 
A duo-tone design that's cute and cheerful.
Opacity: 7/10 
It's more opaque than I initially expected but sadly a lot of my real eye color shows at the center, making this more of an enhancing lens than a full-out color changing lens.
Enlargement: 5/10
Medium I'd say, a bit hard to judge.
Comfort: 7/10 
Appears really comfy, thin and I don't feel them. 4-5 hours estimated wearing time on super dry eyes, you can most likely add at least 2 hours more.
Naturalness: 6/10
Very dependent on your eye color. Would probably be natural on brown eyes, not so much for me as the brown provides such a contrast. Cool though if that's the look you're going for.

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