March 29, 2019

Lens review: Flora Gerbera Blue

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Let's continue with the roll while it's going strong. Today is review day for the Flora Gerbera Blue so let's get on with it!

Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 15.0 mm
Water content: 55%
Life span: 1 year (I recommend 6 months)

I've reviewed some Gerbera lenses in other colors before and I still think that the design of these look like a 'burst' effect or flowery. It comes with a thick black limbal ring but it's not ultra mega black. You will still get dolly eyes and look super pretty with glistening, colorful eyes.

When you look at the lenses in their vials they don't look super opaque. I was not expecting the most intense color ever but once I tried them on the blue is actually quite vibrant and packs a punch! I don't think I can call it all that natural but it's lively, it's beautiful and you can get lost in the mesmerizing pattern.

One lens in.
There's a pretty okay blending effect towards the center, merging the lens with whatever your real eye colori is. Because I have light blue-gray eyes it isn't super obvious and jarring where the edge of the lens meets my eye and also, the colored pigments of the lens are more sparse towards the pupil opening anyway, allowing for a discreet transition. I just feel like in, at least my case as a light-eyed person, that the random black dots at the center kinda mess up the natural illusion that the blending would otherwise achieve. If we ignore the huge size and somewhat artsy print of the lenses.

Lens photos ahead!
All photos taken by me during a March morning with a semi-clear sky. There's no color filters or such on the close-up photos and that's so that the colors would be as true to real life as possible.

Natural room light indoors.
Yellow room light.
Bathroom light.
Shitty natural light indoors. (in a corridor)
Flash photo.
Facing window. (not sun side)
Outdoors, back against the sun. (facing wall)
Outdoors, facing the sun while it's blocked from my view.
Outdoors, facing the sun directly.
When it comes to comfort these seem okay-ish? I do feel them in my eyes but it's not in an unpleasant way and they generally seem decent. I felt like they might have been a bit on the thicker side when compared to the really thin lenses that I've been trying lately, but I can't be sure. I honestly can't give any more details regarding comfort as I've already mentioned several times on previous reviews that my comfort grades on recent lenses will be based on first impressions only, because the lenses have expired by the time I get around to do these reviews, sadly. :'( Just had way too much stressful real-life shit going on and no energy to blog and review as actively as I should have. *sigh*

Oh well, the Flora Gerbera Blue is a cute, fancy lens that has youthful vibes to it. I can see it used for some cosplays and alternative fashion but it might also be suitable for more toned-down daily looks looking for a splash of color. It's a fairly big dolly lens though, so if that's not up your alley you might want to consider getting a pair with a smaller limbal ring. But if you like blue lenses that have some pop to them then go ahead!

Distance photo!

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Short summary:

Color: 7/10
A medium blue that's very likable.
Design: 8/10
Cool 'burst' pattern with streaks running towards the center, draws attention.
Opacity: 6/10
There is some transparency but it's still very obviously a blue lens.
Enlargement: 7/10
These are dolly and the black rim adds to the look.
Comfort: 6/10
Seems okay. I sligtly feel them (thicker than average maybe?) but otherwise no issues. Wearing time something like 3-4 hours on super dry eyes, estimated.
Naturalness: 5/10
Ignore the size and general design and it's not too out there... I guess.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this review
~ Shiro Samurai out.

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