April 28, 2019

Lens review: GEO Xtra Bella Green

Yo sweeties!

Gonna continue with the lens reviews for a while longer as I'm trying real hard to catch up still, lol. Okay, so today's lenses are the GEO Xtra Bella Green, identification number thingy is WBS-203. These are not to be confused with the ordinary GEO Bella series as the Xtra Bellas are actually bigger and different in design and color a bit.

Now let's go!

Base curve: 8.8 mm
Diameter: 14.8 mm
Water content: 40±2%
Life span: 1 year (I recommend 6 months)

This is a classic circle lens design, it's really pretty and eye-catching. Actually the GEO Bella lenses are one of the first circle lenses I ever saw in real life and thus I've been wanting to try some myself too, except that I ended up picking the Xtra Bella over the normal Bella. Oh well, I'll likely try both eventually anyway. xD

Okay so, it's a surprisingly dark lens overall with a lot of black. The limbal ring is really dark and impactful, provides a dolly look but it almost looks a bit possessed because of how much black there is – at least in contrast to how my natural eye color is very light. Yet the green color is still visible and it is a very nice, medium to dark shade that makes me think something along the lines of an emerald green?

One lens in.
As you can see the lenses are positively huge and really mesmerizing. The green parts blend surprisingly well and the black edges also at least try to fade so that the effect is not too intense and abrupt. I'm not sure how succesful to call it but the look is really cool either way, so I don't really mind the outcome at all. I mean it might not be for everyone but I personally think that the overall look of the lenses is awesome and, because of the darkness, it ends up looking mysterious and alluring on my eyes, which is always cool as I like fantasy stuff haha.

Lens photos ahead!
All photos taken by me during an April morning with a clear sky. There's no color filters or such on the close-up photos and that's so that the colors would be as true to real life as possible.

Indoors natural room light.
Indoors yellow room light.
Bathroom light.
Poor natural room light. Standing in a corridor.
Flash photo.
Facing a window, not sun side.
Outdoors, back against the sun. (facing wall)
Outdoors, facing the sun while being under a shadow.
Outdoors, facing the sun.
These lenses are really thin, comfortable and I don't feel them in my eyes at all. I do have naturally super dry eyes so I can't wear any lenses for long periods of time nowadays (without eyedrops at least) but my estimate is that these I could use for like 4-5 hours, which is a lot in my standards. If you have more "normal eyes" you can probably count on something like 6-8 hours or such, I don't know. It's really hard to estimate as everyone's eyes are different and what's comfy for me might not be so for the next person so yeah, always take comfort grading with a grain of salt as for every review it's personal.

I would honestly though recommend these, especially if you like big lenses and with a really prominent dark limbal ring. The design is cute and very versatile and I think the Xtra Bellas can be used for a lot of different looks! It's a fun lens, classic yet different and it's sure to turn heads. You'll look like an angel wearing these.

Distance photo!

Short summary:

Color: 7/10
Dark lens with a splash of an emerald green color. Alluring and mystical.
Design: 7/10
Simple and classic, yet impossible to miss! Really cute and dolly.

Opacity: 6/10
The green parts are definitely green and not muddled, which is great. A lot of the lens is black though so that's obviously gonna be opaque.

Enlargement: 8/10
Really big, just like the Xtra in the name implies
– extra big.
Comfort: 8/10
Thin, invisible to wear and really comfy. Estimated 4-5 hours on ultra dry eyes, which is a lot in my current standards.
Naturalness: 2/10

No, not on light eyed people at least. Might be a different matter if you have dark eyes though.

Thanks for reading! ^-^

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