March 5, 2016

Lens review: I.Fairy Hanabi Gold

Hellouuuu ~

Today I present to you a circle lens review for a golden pair – it's the I.Fairy Hanabi Gold! (ノ・ω・)ノ This is the second golden lens I'm reviewing! They are also sometimes known as Vassen Hanabi Gold. :3

Let's go ~

Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 16.2 mm
Water content: 55%
Life span: 1 year (I recommend 6 months)

Lens to the watcher's left is wrong side out.

I must say that I'm drawn to unnatural lens colors like red, violet and gold and so, of course, I had to get these lenses! I was expecting them to show up well because I've had the Hanabi lenses in green and blue before and they were really vivid and colorful. ^^ So yeah, I was expecting these to be just as awesome and they delivered exactly that!

One lens in. Notice enlargement effect.
I put these lenses on without any problems and they were comfortable from the first second they don't hinder my vision in any way nor do they sting my eyes or anything like that. I basically don't even feel that I have contacts on, which is a very good thing. The only disappointment in regards to comfort is that, for some reason, these dried out a lot faster than the other Hanabi lenses I've had – I had to push myself to be able to wear them for 2 hours and 15 minutes without taking them out. That's a really short time considering how I could easily wear the blue and green I.Fairy Hanabi lenses for a full day at an anime convention (approx. 8 hours)! So yeah, except for drying out my eyes fast these lenses are hella comfy. Please note though that I tend to have dry and/or sensitive eyes.

Lens photos coming up!
All photos taken by me during a March morning with a completely cloudy sky. There's no color filters on the close-up photos and that's so that the colors would be as true to real life as possible.

Facing window in my apartment, sun side.
Apartment room light. (yellow lamp)
Bathroom light.
Flash photo.
Facing window in the corridor, non-sun side.
Standing in the corridor.
White light in the corridor.
Yellow light in the corridor.
Outdoors, under the roof/shadow. (indirect light)
Outdoors, facing the direction of the light.
Outdoors, back against light. (aka facing wall)
Indoors, storage room. (natural light)
As you can see these look gold/yellow in pretty much any light, which is awesome and really appreciated! The color is very vivid and great for cosplay!! I seriously love these lenses! ;u;
They are also really enlarging but not to the point that it looks freaky on me – these lenses give me a dolly look that is cute and flattering. :)

And lastly I have a bunch of distance photos! 

I went for a cute candy boy type of look... with small devil horns! I don't go for cute looks that often (cuz I don't think I can pull it off tbh -.-) but this time I felt like being a kawaii demon, hehe ~
I got a surprising amount of pics that I liked (what is this sorcery??) and I couldn't decide which ones to use so yeah, I decided to just upload all of them. xD #yolo

uguu moe boi

If you're interested in checking out other colors of the Hanabi series I'd recommend you to take a look at my other reviews! ^.^ Reviews here: Blue, Green


Comparison photo: I.Fairy Hanabi Gold to the left & Blue to the right.
I want to mention that the I.Fairy Hanabi line of lenses is one of the few currently available series that have vivid colors and come in both gold and red together with the usual colors! It is an amazing cosplay lens and the great color range makes them a perfect choice for those who cosplay characters with heterochromia, aka two differently colored eyes! One character example of this is Soushi Miketsukami (one eye blue, other gold) from Inu X Boku SS and another example I can think of is Nikkari Aoe from Touken Ranbu (one eye gold, other red).

Short summary:

Color: 10/10
A very colorful and vivid gold/yellow color that shows up in any light. Amazing!
Design: 8/10
Cool swirly design with a thick black limbal ring that gives an anime eye effect!
Opacity: 9/10
Really good color coverage.
Enlargement: 8/10
These are big!
Comfort: 6/10
I don't feel them in my eyes at all but they dried out a lot faster than the other Hanabi lenses I've had. I had to push myself to be able to wear them a little bit past 2 hours without using eyedrops.
Naturalness: 1/10
Can't call these natural because of the big size and the thick black limbal ring. Also, gold/yellow is not a natural color to begin with so... yeah.

That's all for this round. Thanks for reading my blog! Baibai ~ ^u^
Shiro Samurai


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Resa Peralta said...

Wow it looks super cool on you! The silver one of this lens looks awesome too!