March 21, 2016

[Sponsored] Lens review: EOS New Adult Green

Hello and welcome to my review, people of all genders!

I am ultra excited to announce that I've recently partnered up with CirclelensesEurope, also known as Cirkellinser for the Swedish market! I decided to contact them for a collaboration offer and they took interest in me and here I am, spreading the good word about their awesome business! ╰( ・ ᗜ ・ )╯ wiee ~

The lenses I'm reviewing in this post were kindly sponsored by CirclelensesEurope, aka Cirkellinser. Feel safe knowing that all my reviews are 100% my honest opinion, no matter what!

I am so so sooo happy to get to work with this company and I hope you will enjoy this review as much as I enjoyed writing it. O(≧∇≦)O I will be reviewing the popular EOS New Adult Green circle lenses, also sometimes known as Blytheye Green. Let's go ~

The discount code "SHIRO" gives you 10% off on any order placed on both CircleLensesEurope and Cirkellinser – feel free to use it! ♥

Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.0 mm
Water content: 38%
Life span: 1 year (I recommend 6 months)

Note: To all my Swedish readers, please scroll to the end of this post for a summary in Swedish. // Till alla mina svenska läsare, bläddra gärna till slutet av detta inlägg för en sammanfattning på svenska. :)

Before I start with the actual review of the lenses I want to tell you, all lovely peeps out there, a little about my new sponsor CirclelensesEurope, also known as Cirkellinser. You might wonder why I'm mentioning two stores but the catch is that it's actually the same store, just for two different markets – CirclelensesEurope is for the European market in general while Cirkellinser is catering especially for Sweden. Both sites have the same people behind it, the same products for sale etc so yeah, the only difference is basically that the other one is for the Swedish customers. Neither of them is a copycat or a scam site so no worries there. :)

I want to mention that I found them by chance, aka advertisement on Facebook. My first thought when I took a closer look was "oh wow, a circle lens store in Sweden that sells authentic GEO lenses and more! *_*". I was seriously super excited because I live in Sweden myself and I instantly made the connection in my head that the next time I needed to buy lenses, on a very short notice, I'd know exactly where to go! I'd also know where to refer other Swedes who were iffy with ordering lenses from outside Europe for safety and/or trusting reasons – which is understandable if you are not an avid online shopper or looking to buy your first colored contact lenses etc.

Both or their sites are fresh, inviting and easy to use. There might not be as many circle lenses to choose from as on other more well-known stores but what CirclelensesEurope has going for them is that they sell genuine and safe lenses, have cheap shipping (only 3€ for anywhere in Europe!) and, also, that they are based in Sweden and thus have very fast shipping. This is a very good trump card for them –that sets them apart from the myriad of Asia-based lens stores– because CirclelensesEurope will be the number one store where your prayers will go if you ever need to buy circle lenses urgently in, say, one weeks notice. *coughcosplayerscough* They will surely save your costume when all other lens shops would require you to use expensive shipping methods to maaaaybe make it on time....

Regarding the shipping and handling time of my experiences I want to say a few words and that's that I was utterly amazed and surprised by how quick and efficient their service was! They honestly told me on 27th February, a Saturday, that they would ship the lenses on the coming week (they actually shipped on Sunday) and I received my package already on 29th Feb, which is the following Monday. Can you believe it?? (๑>ᴗ<๑) Even though it was domestic shipping (aka within Sweden) it's still crazy fast! 
I actually asked about their delivery times and they said that shipping to Sweden is 1-2 days and to the rest of Europe it's 3-7 days so yeah, if you ever needed to order circle lenses in a pinch then CirclelensesEurope is here to save you with their racing-fast service! o/ They really prioritize quick handling and speedy shipping and that's amazing! I honestly swear by them; their shipping is faster than a bullet train powered by Super Saiyans!

If you wonder to what European countries (note: they do NOT ship outside of Europe!!) they ship to then this is what it says on their site:
We deliver to following countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom and Austria.
Regarding customer service they seem to always answer within 24 hours, even during weekends. :) Customer service is also really kind and easy to approach while still having that professional air to it. All in all CirclelensesEurope is very easy and smooth to deal with, safe to buy from and I would warmly recommend them to all fellow European (and Swedish) cosplayers and circle lens fans! Go and give them your love and support. ♥ They are amazeballs!

 ~***~ Lens review continues ~***~

The lenses arrived in a small bubblewrap envelope. Lately the post has been rough on my packages and so was the case with this shipment too – there was a tear on the envelope but thankfully nothing had fallen out. When I opened the envelope I was surprised to see that the lenses were inside a small cute drawstring bag! With the order also came a free lens case and a business card with a hand-written thank you note on the back – I felt really appreciated! ;u;

This is what came with the order!
You might notice that the business card has some wear/damage on one side and that's because it happened to be on the spot where the envelope was torn so yeah, normally it wouldn't be like that. ^^; That paper with a lot of text (in Swedish) is a "thanks for ordering" note with information about their guarantees, as well as how to wear circle lenses – a really thoughtful addition to all the first-timers!


I put the lenses to soak overnight, as is recommended before wearing. On my first wearing of the lenses I noticed that it took my eyes a couple minutes to get used to them and I could feel them in my eyes, which made me rub my eyes to try to get rid of the discomfort, although it was minimal; it's just that I dislike feeling that I have something in my eyes, even if it doesn't hurt. The "lens in my eye" feeling disappeared mostly after some minutes and I didn't have to take them out and put them back in; I do that quite easily if I don't like how the lenses feel as soon as I put them in, in hopes that they'd feel better on the second try.
During my first run with the lenses they felt dry very fast and I managed to wear them for a bit past 3 hours before taking them off – please note though that during the whole time I was wearing the contacts I was staring at a computer screen watching anime and, also, that my eyes had been incredibly tired and dry all day.
On my second run my eyes were feeling better but the lenses still felt dry just as fast – although I didn't get the "something's in my eye" feeling, except for maybe 10 seconds at first. I can wear them for a bit past 3 hours at most and that's about it, unless I use eyedrops of course. I find it a bit weird that these New Adult lenses are dry to me when my brother had the exact same lenses but in blue and yeah, they were godly in terms of comfort for him. :S Are our eyes that different even though we're supposed to be identical twins? lol

One lens in. Notice enlargement effect.
Honestly, my first thought when I had these lenses in my eyes was "cosplay lenses! :D". They are vivid and colorful and definitely give a cartoony look to your eyes but without it being overwhelming. They actually feel surprisingly natural-ish for their design. The green color is not a pure green but it's lovely nonetheless.

Psst, my real eye color is a blue-gray (more blue though, fyi) with an occasional greenish tint, depending on the light and time of day. I also have a golden ring closest to the pupil. :) I think these lenses look awesome on light eyes!

Lens photos batches ahead!
All photos are taken by me during a March morning with a clear sky. All close-up photos are free from filters, color edits etc and that's so that the colors would be as true to real life as possible.

Facing window in my apartment, sun side.
Standing under a (weak) lamp in my apartment.
Bathroom light.
Flash photo.
Facing the window in the corridor, non-sun side.
White corridor light.
Yellow corridor light.
Yellow light in the staircase.
Indoors in a storage room. (natural light)
As you can see the color appears very different in different lights – in some lights it takes on a grayish hue and in others it looks a bit turquoise! Most times it's still rather easily distinguished as some sort of green though, so it's okay! I can tell though that these lenses seem to appear as their true color in clear non-tinted lights, like sunlight etc.

Outdoor close-up photos!

Indirect sunlight. I'm standing under the shadow/roof.
Facing sun at a 3/4 angle.
Facing sun directly. My eyes hurt so much.
Back against sun, aka facing wall.
The design is, err... semi-natural I'd say? The vibrancy of the color is far from natural but I think that the print itself is not too "out there", so to say. The black limbal ring is thin and I feel like it helps to bring attention to my eyes because of how it kinda frames them in.

I must say that I love the color these have, it's such a beautiful shade that has a lot of variation depending on the light! These are definitely cosplay lenses and I can understand why they are popular with cosplayers – they do give the anime eye look without being too moe. Works great for male characters and those kinds of characters that you don't want huge doll eyes for!

Facing a window in the staircase.
Same as above. ^
Okay so, I'd highly recommend the EOS New Adult line for cosplayers and people who love colorful lenses that aren't too enlarging, because these are quite small for being circle lenses. These lenses are really versatile and can be used for more daily looks as well as some really funky fashion looks!

Distance photos! Enjoy ~

Want to see more New Adult reviews?
I gotcha! Gray

I want to mention in the end that the only slightly disappointing thing with CircleLensesEurope and its Swedish counterpart is that they don't carry prescription lenses – at least not currently. I don't know if they plan to start selling those anytime soon but I hope so since yeah, a lot of people don't have perfect vision and no prescription lenses is a deal breaker for many. Personally my vision defects are so minor (-0,50 on my weaker eye) that I'm perfectly fine with plano lenses but if you can't wear lenses without power I'm so sorry to say that, sadly, CircleLensesEurope might not be the shop for you. :(

Remember, if you make a purchase at CircleLensesEurope or Cirkellinser you can get 10% off any order if you use the discount code "SHIRO" during checkout – enjoy! ♡

Short summary:

Color: 10/10 
Really beautiful green color that shows up well and takes on many different shades depending on where you are!
Design: 9/10 
Semi-natural design that is perfect for cosplay!
Opacity: 9/10
These cover my real eye color well. Nothing to complain about.
Enlargement: 5/10 
Feels quite small, but it's definitely not a bad thing.
Comfort: 6/10 
They are kinda average in comfort for me. They don't hurt my eyes in any way nor hinder my vision but they start to feel dry already after 1 hour. I can stand wearing these for maximum 3,5 to 4 hours without wanting to take them off or use eyedrops.
Naturalness: 3/10 
Natural-ish in terms of size, but the color is something that will never pass for your real eyes, haha.

• Sammanfattning på svenska

Vad är cirkellinser? 

Cirkellinser är kosmetiska linser som till en början mest användes i Asien av idoler, modeller etc men som har, på sistone, blivit alltmer populära i västvärlden – särskilt bland ungdomar som har ett intresse för japansk populärkultur. :)  Det som skiljer cirkellinser från vanliga färgade linser är att dom kommer i otroligt många olika designs och färger (även onaturliga färger så som röd, rosa och lila etc) samt att dom får dina ögon att se större och vackrare ut! Cirkellinser finns att köpa både med och utan styrka. Cirkellinser används mest av unga kvinnor världen över men även män, transpersoner, ickebinära och andra har insett hur roligt det kan vara att byta ögonfärg lite nu och då för att få en helt ny och fräsch look!


Jag blev kontaktad av Cirkellinser här ganska nyligen och dom frågade ifall jag ville samarbeta med dem, vilket jag självklart tackade ja till!
Cirkellinser är en svensk online-affär –högst troligtvis den första och enda i vårt avlånga land som säljer äkta "circle lenses", känd på svenska som cirkellinser.
Dock så, tyvärr, säljer inte Cirkellinser linser med styrka i nuläget
– själv så har jag så pass svagt synfel att plano linser (aka utan styrka) inte stör mig alls. :)

Jag valde att recensera ett par linser som heter EOS New Adult Green (bilder finns ovanför!) då jag länge velat testa dessa och då jag, helt ärligt, är överförtjust i just gröna linser, av någon anledning. 
Linserna kom i ett litet vadderat kuvert redan på måndag, fast de hade skickats med söndagsposten! I kuvertet fanns även ett visitkort med en handskriven hälsning på baksidan, ett gratis linsetui samt linserna själv som var förpackade i en söt liten snörpåse.

Linserna är relativt små för att vara just cirkellinser och de har en jättefin grön färg som täcker mina blågråa ögon väldigt bra! Dessa linser är perfekta för alla som sysslar med cosplay, fantasy-utklädnarer eller gillar japansk mode etc då dessa får ens ögon att se 'anime' ut!
För mig är dessa ganska medelmåttiga i bekvämlighet, men då jag har torra och/eller känsliga ögon så ta det med en nypa salt. ^^" Jag kan bära dessa som mest i ungefär 4 timmar, utan återfuktande ögondroppar. De börjar torka ut mina ögon efter ungefär en timme, vilket är en kort tid om man jämför med några andra cirkellinser jag haft. Men fast de blir torra fort så är de bekväma ändå då de inte annars känns obehagliga på något sätt (inget kliande, stickande eller röda ögon etc) och de hindrar inte min syn heller. :) Dessa är dessutom lätta att få i ögonen!
Jag kan helhjärtat rekommendera dessa linser, de är verkligen hur fina som helst!

Som sagt jag fick dessa från Cirkellinser, en professionell och pålitlig hemsida med kalasbra kundservice. De säljer endast äkta cirkellinser som är tillverkade i Korea! De har även en äkthetsgaranti samt öppet köp i 30 dagar – allt för att göra dig trygg! Beställningar som gjorts före klockan 14:00 skickas samma vardag och frakttiden inom Sverige ligger på ynka 1-2 dagar och kostar endast 19 kr snacka om service! Jag kan verkligen rekommendera dem starkt för alla!
 Om du dessutom använder rabattkoden "SHIRO" i kassan så får du 10% avdraget på vilken beställning som helst! Alla vi älskar ju att spara lite pengar på våra köp, inte sant?

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this review helpful. ^.-
A biiiiig thank you to CircleLensesEurope and Cirkellinser for sponsoring me!

~ Shiro Samurai says bye bye.


  1. They look great on you! *----* I used to wear these lens a few years back. EOS is love ❤️
    I hope I can get new lenses soon! I got the urgent for like a while... Too bad I'm suck atm to wear any :c

  2. Ah, ihanaa että on eurooppalainen kauppa! ;u; Oon itse kauhea hätähousu ja ärsyttää kun muualta tilaa niin menee vähintään kaksi viikkoa. :'D

    Miulla oli joskus tämän sarjan siniset linssit ja rakastin niitä todella paljon! Olenkin etsinyt vihreitä linssejä, niin voisin kokeilla näitä.

  3. I don't know if it's just me, but I bought these lenses from Uniqso last year for a cosplay I was planning and I was really happy with my lenses because I loved the color. I wear them for 1 hour to try my make up and the next day my eyes hurt so much I had to go to the doctor. They only told me my eyes were extremely dry but I had never have an experience like that and I wear regular contacts daily (I had to stop wearing contacts at all for one month because of these). Now I'm really scared of color lenses bought online...


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