August 30, 2013

Lens review: Super Pinky Bright Red

 What's up bros? ;)

I bought these contacts already some months ago and wore them to Animecon for rasetsu!Hijikata but haven't done a review of them yet I'm lazy, okay? OTL I thought I could do it now while I still needed to check if they looked okay for my coming Kureno Sohma cosplay.

Okay, so these lenses are the Super Pinky Bright Reds. They are my second pair of contact/circle lenses ever, my first pair being the same lenses but in violet, which I also made a review for back in February. There's quite a lot of red-eyed characters I want to cosplay in the future so buying red lenses was bound to happen!

Lenses in solution.
Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.8 mm
Water content: 45%
Life span: 1 year (I recommend 6 months)

The first time I ever put these on –which was back at Animecon last month– they went on like a charm! No problems whatsoever and they were very comfortable all con day. But today when I put them on both of the lenses felt uncomfortable in the eyes and when it didn't ease after a while I took them out, cleaned them again and put them back in and then it was a-ok! I guess there was some dirt left in them or something...

I won't talk too much about these lenses but I have some photos to show the photos are pretty crappy though, sorry about that. Excuse me but all photos, except the first one with the lenses in the lens case, are taken in the bathroom with my older camera (aka not the SLR) so not the best lighting it's yellowish and sharpness. Oh, and sorry for my eyes being red no not the lenses but as I mentioned earlier I had problems putting them on. ._.

With just one contact in.
(my natural eye color is a mix of blue-gray-green, depending on lighting)
With both lenses in.
These are quite enlarging but not enough to swallow your eyes, at least not according to me or on my eyes. If you have small/narrow eyes these might appear really big but that, of course, depends on your eye shape as well.
I'm sorry if they look a bit orange-ish on the photos but I assure you that the color is indeed a true red, it's just the bathroom lighting being a troll. It's actually a pretty intense color and thus great for cosplay! The Super Pinky line of lenses also covers a lot of your iris, which means that the pupil hole is small and thus there's very little of your real eye color showing through in the middle. Unfortunately this also means that they might blur your vision in places with poorer light conditions...
 I really like these because while red sure isn't a natural color they still don't look ultra-mega-demonically-unnatural but rather kinda if-red-was-natural-it-could-look-like-this – if that makes sense. :'D But maybe that's helped by the rather realistic pattern of the lenses...?

Oh, and here's a quick try-on with the Kureno wig and a random shirt.
Looks pretty fab I think, I'm totally gonna wear these lenses for him!

With Kureno wig. From a distance. (bathroom light)
-- EDIT! 2014, mid-August! --

One year after I had opened these contacts I still had them lying around; I thought that I could take some additional review photos and upload them here before I throw the contacts away. Couldn't be bothered to do make-up, sorry. The previous photos were so poor (friggin' bathroom light!) so here's a new photo batch of the contacts going for their last wear, in different lights.
I must mention that I had huge problems keeping my eyes open because the contacts had turned so dry and uncomfortable; it felt like they were pulling my eyelids closed all the time. I constantly felt them in my eyes so I didn't wear them for more than 30 minutes maximum and when I took them out they were dry as hay. I threw them away after this – they had served me well.

All photos taken by me, as always.
There's no color filters or such and that's so that the colors would be as true to real life as possible. I'm sorry that my eyes appear to be half-closed or something... I don't know what happened, lol.

Inside in natural room light, facing the window on a cloudy day.
Outside on a cloudy day, facing the (hidden) sun.
Outside, standing in the shadow.
Outside,  some weird bright light going on.
Outside, cloudy day.
Facing the sunlight. It friggin' hurt to keep my eyes open... xD
As you can see they are really red and show up well in most lights. They aren't completely opaque so some of your real eye color will show through close to the pupil hole. The hole is still smaller than on your average circle lens, which means that occasionally you can have red corners in your vision.

Psst, if you are curious about other colors of the Super Pinky line and how they look on light eyes then check out my other reviews here: Violet, Green

Short summary:

Color: 9/10 
It's a really bright red that pops. Everyone will notice it!
Design: 5/10 
Looks pretty nice although not really unique. I wish the outer rim would be slightly darker.
Opacity: 8/10
Very good color coverage!
Enlargement: 8/10 
Notably enlarging. A bit borderline if you don't like big contacts and they might look freaky on people with smaller eyes.
Comfort: 7/10 
Comfort-wise okay but I tend to feel them in my eyes sometimes.
Naturalness: 2/10 
Not natural because of enlargement and color. You don't buy these to have people think it's your real eyes, lol.

Nothing else to say, ciao ciao!
Thanks for viewing ~ 


  1. Awesome contacts! They fit Kureno Sohma perfect! :')
    Can't wait to see the full cosplay! ^^

  2. Ihanat piilarit ;____; *kurottaa* gimimmiii

  3. They look really good. I've bought one pair a couple of months ago but I haven't tried them on yet ^^

  4. Aijoin ostaa samat samalt sivult tän vuoden cossiin ja satuin lukemaan mielipiteesi.. xD


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