August 6, 2013

Second-hand stores, I love you so

Yesterday I went to a second-hand store in town that I visit every now and then mostly with cosplay in mind hurr and I found a black suit jacket there that actually fit me! That doesn't happen very often. So of course -considering it only cost 4,40 €- it came back home with me. I'm pretty damn sure sooner or later I will stumble into some cosplays that will need one anyway so why not grab it now when it was there in front of my face?

(sorry for cellphone camera photo in bathroom lights..)
But uhm, originally I went to the second-hand store with Hakuouki's "Sweet School Life" version of Hijikata in mind because obviously, if luck would have it, it would be one hell of a lot cheaper to just thrift all the clothes needed for it. I want to cosplay this version because it's stylish (Hijikata always is xD) and would be a nice change whenever I just can't be bothered to put on kimono or anything else that takes a fair amount of time.

SSL Hijikata
So when I got home yesterday from the second-hand shopping I checked my references and noticed that OH GOD THE OTHER JACKET I WAS LOOKING AT WOULD BE PRETTY MUCH PERFECT FOR HIJIKATA AGHFGDHSAFH!!!11 *brain explode* Yeah. So today when I woke up which was, well, late I super-speeded back to the same second-hand store in hopes that the jacket would still be there and aaw yeeah it was! You know, I did try it on yesterday and it actually fit me too (clothing gods must like me this week.. lol) and the only reason I didn't buy it back then was that I was like "but I won't need two different ones yet" and I'm a liiiiittle bit too mursu for that jacket because lowest button is slightly hard to close, but it's not a problem cuz Hijikata wears his jacket open anyway...

Oh, and did I mention this only cost 4,40 € too?
(sorry for cellphone camera photo in bathroom lights again..)
While I was walking around the second-hand store I also noticed these shoes and after a quick fitting test they got approved by me! I was surprised they would be just the right size actually and didn't seem uncomfortable either the short time I had them on.

I love 2 € shoes xD
These should be okay to wear for SSL Hijikata as well as Kureno Sohma and likely many others with rather basic shoes.
I feel pretty good about these finds, most times I'm not so lucky when I go second-hand shopping but sometimes miracles happen I guess. :DD


Sairu Chan said...

Second Hand Shops -> Cosplayers best friends <3

So awesome you found parts for your SSL Hijikata ^^ Can't wait to see this!

Psycho Cat said...

så fina fynd ^______^ På en Kavaj jacka skall aldrig den sista knappen knäppas, just för att när man sätter sig ner inte behöva knäppa upp den. Men ja sedan är det frågan om vad man tycker fast nu vet jag inte hur det är med den med två knappar. Men mycket fina fynd som jag skulle villa kidnappa XD

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Oh, visste jag inte! Fast nedersta-knapp-problemet är just på den kavajen med bara två knappar. xD

Psycho Cat said...

Jo jag såg det efter jag skrev typ XD Well kolla upp att på internet XD Tro det gäller med två med med sedan handlar det lite om hur karaktären har att han har den öppen om jag se att rätt på bilden så kör på det =)

Ri-chan said...

I always try on all the suit jackets, because they are awesome! And hey, I could consider doing SSL!Saitou because I really like school uniforms.

Also those shoes! I've been trying to find something like that, but I have so small feet that it's nearly impossible.

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Yes, do it if you want! It would be cool! :D

I know right! Luckily I have sort of big feet so it's not that hard for me to find shoes.