August 20, 2013

Oulun Animeseminaari 2013 - Photoshoots and gaming

On 17-18 August, aka last weekend, was Oulun Animeseminaari (Oulu's anime seminar) in Oulu duh and of course I went there even though it's a small event.

Valve, aka the con building
I'll take it from the start hey! So me, Hasakitsuki and Jäätynyt Enkeli took the train from Kemi to Oulu on Friday evening. We were in Kemi like 1,5 hours before the train would leave so we went to Prisma with mom and got some provisions for the trip - Angry Birds candies and Moomin lemonade. Fuck yeah!
When the train finally arrived we took our stuff and went into the train to find the seats we had booked. The train trip only takes one hour so it was over rather quickly; I played Nintendo DS to pass the time. At Oulu we hauled our geeky asses to my aunt Leena's place in city and then we spread our stuff everywhere well, not really and played some New Super Mario Bros. Wii until it was time to sleep. I must say it was hilarious, barely any of us has played this game much if at all and so there was always someone who screwed up and died all the fucking time and it was just so bad that it was good. xD But yeah, because we couldn't pass the first castle in the 2nd world (sand world) after OVER NINETHOUSAAAND!!1 tries we gave up and went to sleep... and yeah, it was late too.


Saturday morning came. The weather forecast had promised rain for most of the day so our trio decided to change our cosplay plans so that our Bleach day would be Saturday instead of Sunday because at least I don't want to wear Hakuouki cosplays when there's a super high risk of rain...
Okay, so Bleach day it was and for me it was time to dust off my Ukitake cosplay. I swear when I took my shinigami robes out and all and put them on they smelled exactly the same as they had always done. I felt nostalgic. :') Maybe I'm getting old. lol Luckily Captain TB Ukitake is one of these cosplays that's pretty quick to put on so I didn't take forever changing.
When we all were done we headed out for Oulu city with a map drawn by le aunt. We ended up going through city and I must say the best reaction we got was this middle-aged man who biked past us and when he saw us his face gradually went from neutral to super-smile. It was infectious! xD When we got to Kulttuuritalo Valve we went inside and pretty instantly found Sairu-chan, who cosplayed Retsu Unohana. With Sairu-chan at our side our Bleach group was complete! We checked the con building together and well, there really wasn't anything interesting going on so we decided it's better if we go photoshoot now before it starts raining cats and dogs.

Cosplayer: Valkoinen Samurai (Jushiro Ukitake), Hasakitsuki (Kiyone Kotetsu) & Sairu-chan (Retsu Unohana)
Photographer: Jäätynyt Enkeli

Sure I didn't have my shikai this time but I had... cute guys in blue - Sogyo no Kotowari twin plushies! They are made by LadyoftheSeireitei by the way.

But then Ukitake wanted a cyclop stingray and Unohana wanted hyperactive babies so.. ZANPAKUTO SPIRITS SWAP!

Oh, and don't you think that was all becaaaaaause... MAXIMUM DERP STORM APPROACHING FAST! TAKE COVERRRRR!

Fabulous hair part.1 - Antennas
Fabulous hair part.2 - Medusa
Lääkehuurut! :DD (high on pills)
I don't know, I had fun...
... and more fun. xD
Hold your laughter man! It didn't work..
MINAZUKIIIIIIIIII *scrunch scrunch*
Unohana-taichou, how do you get this thing off your head?
*Unohana ignore*
After the photoshoot we went to stroll around the city and then when we got back to the con the clouds started to look höhöh-rain-soon-hi so we decided to go back to aunt's place before it started raining for realz. There really wasn't anything interesting going on at the con anyway so we left rather early.. and spent the rest of the day playing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on Nintendo Wii. It's awesome to have a gamer aunt. <3


sghjdsahj early mornings.
Nothing to do but to wake up and put on Hakuouki cosplays, which meant Saitou for me. At least the weather forecast had promised better weather for Sunday so I wasn't too worried about wearing vintage kimono.
When we got to Valve again we met Sairu-chan again and hung around for a while. Soon enough it was time for Thaki's Mies & Cosplay panel (man & cosplay) which I had been looking forward to so me, Hasakitsuki and Jäätynyt Enkeli headed for the second floor to attend it.

I must say the panel was very entertaining and interesting! More of these please! Normally I'm not the one to go to many panels for different reasons (cosplay is hard to sit in or too hot, panel topic doesn't catch my interest etc) but this one sure was awesome, according to me at least! 
After the panel was over we had 30 minutes spare time before the piano concert would start. During that time I photoshooted milli-e's Cai Wenji cosplay because Dynasty Warriors cosplays are <3. After that there was a line forming outside for the piano concert and so I went to stay in that line and soon enough we were sitting down again, this time in the Valve Hall.

Piano guy
He was pretty awesome. He played different game and anime themes like various Super Mario Bros. songs, Tetris theme, Morrowind aka Skyrim theme and the Bratja (Brother) song from FullMetal Alchemist etc. It's a shame that his concert only lasted 30 minutes. I hope he comes back next year and plays longer!
With the piano concert over we headed outside to photoshoot again.

Cosplayer: Valkoinen Samurai (Hajime Saitou) & Hasakitsuki (Chizuru Yukimura)
Photographer: Sairu-chan

Bonus pic!

Sword geek mode activated.
After the photoshoot we decided to start heading back because there was only about 2 hours left until the train would depart. We bid Sairu-chan farewell and walked back to aunt's place. There we packed our stuff, played a little more Skyward Sword and then left for the train station. Of course we got in a hurry and of course I forgot my fucking Moomin lemonade in the fridge even though I had during the whole weekend planned to save it for the trip back and ahjfsgkjfsg, I even drank from it like 5 minutes before departure but I was an idiot and put it back in the fridge thinking it better stay in the cold as long as possible and well.. at the train I was then thirsty as hell the whole time and it was torture. I was so annoyed at myself because the bottle was almost full too because I had been saving it.. ;_; Fuck this shit, always happens to me aghjdfhsajh. Need I tell you that Moomin lemonade is like the best lemonade ever?

Oh well, we got back home to our apartment and me and Hasakitsuki spent the rest of the evening playing Super Mario Sunshine and yes, we were still in cosplay. Problem?


Ri-chan said...

I wish I could hang out with you guys like that more often, you seemed to have a good time!
Ukitake cosplay definitely gave me nostalgia too.

Also that panel sounds interesting.

Arawn Elidd said...

This was such an entertaining read. =D Hooray for that middle-aged guy's awesome reaction to your cosplays! :3 Man, you are like the best Ukitake ever! a;jdfs;jldf <3 That "maximum derp storm... take cover!" picture is just so fabulously win, along with those other antics! xD I love your Saitou in "sword geek mode" picture too~