August 11, 2013

Dokuganryu, you have too many swords - pt.2

It's been a while since I last worked on Masamune's swords but today I biked to mom's place to make some progress and get free dinner. So since my last progress on the swords I now had to thicken the tsuka/handle before I could start doing the finer sanding work. I went to ask my stepdad if we had any thin wood that would work; I didn't want to make the tsuka much more wider than the sword blade already was because it would be troublesome to hold them Masamune-style otherwise. Luckily he found this super long 4-4,5 cm wide and approx. 4 mm thick plank. Hallelujah!

Super long plank and my pile of swords
I took my things outside -along with a pencil and ruler- and started measuring. I would need two cut-out pieces of the plank, one for each side of the sword's tsuka of course. Which means that in total I needed to measure and saw out 12 pieces.

Measured soon-to-be-tsuka-thickener pieces
And then I was sawing!
And when I had sawed everything..

There's a lot of 'em!
With all tsuka thickener pieces sawed out I went to search for glue. I didn't find the one I had originally planned to use so I had to roll with Pattex glue. Not like I mind because this glue is strong and can be used on pretty much anything.
With the glue in hand I went outside, got some of these pressure clamps and started gluing the pieces onto the tsuka. I put glue on both sides.

Two swords glued and with pressure clamps applied
It took some time to glue and fasten all the pieces but eventually I got it done.

Miekkojen liimausmaa! : DD (The gluing land of swords)
By now the clouds started to look grayish so to be on the safe side I moved all swords into the old storage house to dry. The glue needs to dry 24 hours for it to reach maximum hold so yeah, I can't progress further on these swords for now. Just going to wait and return to work on them some other day, hopefully soon!



Arawn Elidd said...

You swords are coming along really well! It's very impressive that you've made them all by hand. =D

Your last picture looks so chaotic, yet awesome with all those swords and clamps pointing everywhere. XD

DcastEye said...

It looks awesome and I have to say it give me inspiration to start with my swords. :)