August 25, 2013

Kureno Sohma preview! + Tracon

Yesterday I picked up my wig for Kureno from town and today I did a super quick preview! (aka no cosplay make-up except coloring eyebrows)
Excuse me for the huge mess in the background and yeah, mirror photo.

Yes, that's a plush bird and I'll totally carry it around!
I think it makes it easier to recognize the character ~
I actually thought I would look kind of silly because this shirt is too big for me but seriously, it's pretty much the perfect color and I found it at a second-hand store for like 1 € or something so.. I don't care! xD But with the cosplay on I figured it didn't look all that bad so okaydokay ~

Oh, and speaking of the shirt! There's barely any color pictures of Kureno -as far as I know- but as you know by now I went with the color on one of the manga's front covers showcasing him. But because in the manga he pretty much always has his shirt tucked into his pants I decided to wear it this way too.

Kureno to the left
I also plan to use my red contact lenses for Kureno (I just couldn't be bothered to wear them for the preview test..) because he has red-brown eyes and well, because my eyes aren't brown and I don't have brown contact lenses then I have to roll with red ~

Oh, hey hey also!
Tracon is closing in and I have bought myself a con ticket but it hasn't arrived yet. I'm still not 100% sure who I will cosplay on Sunday -so I won't make a cosplay plans post just yet- but I can say that Kureno will be my Saturday cosplay because there is going to be a Fruits Basket cosplay group that day!

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