August 14, 2013

Black pants and belt bought

I went to Prisma today and bought a brown belt and black pants for SSL!Hijikata as well as Kureno Sohma and whatever future cosplays I might do that these could be useful to.

Now I just need to find a white shirt and a purple tie for Sweet School Life version of Hijikata and he will be done. For Kureno I now only need the wig, which I ordered yesterday by the way, so expect me to cosplay him this year.. err, screw that, expect me to cosplay both!

And in case anyone forgot what these two guys look like then here:

SSL Hijikata

Kureno Sohma
I'm going to continue searching second-hand stores for a white shirt for Hijikata and whenever Kureno's wig pops up in the mailbox I'll make a cosplay preview for him, stay tuned!


  1. Good cosplay clothing finds. I'm stoked that you're going to cosplay SSL!Hijikata! Good luck on Kureno too. :^)

  2. Wow awesome! I can't wait to see your cosplays of Kureno and Hijikata!! :D By the way, your cosplays are really cool :D! Would like to follow each other on GFC? Let me know :D

    1. Thanks!

      Eh, sorry but I don't know what GFC stands for. ^^"


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