September 4, 2013

Tracon 8 cosplay plans!

This beautiful thing popped up in the mailbox yesterday!

My Tracon ticket!
That means I now have the con ticket in my hands as well as the hotel room booked (thanks Ri-kun!) and so far it seems I will be carpooling with some people from the north. :) Everything seems more or less set now so let's roll out the cosplay plans!


Series: Fruits Basket
Character: Kureno Sohma

Kureno on Saturday because I will be part of a Fruits Basket group. I don't have so much to say about this cosplay, it's casual and easy-to-wear and having a cosplay group is always a bonus. I would have liked to have a more flashy/cooler cosplay on Saturday but oh well.. ~


Series: Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan
Character: Toshizo Hijikata (rasetsu)

Time to be crazy again, Hakuouki style ~
I really want to have a photoshoot of this cosplay (c'mon have like no proper pics of it.. ;_;) and seeing how Tracon has a really nice outdoor area I thought why the hell not? 8D Also Hasakitsuki will join me as oni!Chizuru ku ku ku ~


  1. You're welcome, I'm just happy I didn't need to search for anyone else to share a room with.

    Does your group have a Kyo, btw?

    1. Yeah! Yay, can't wait to be with you again!

      As far as I know the group doesn't have a Kyo. :) You can find their Facebook group here:

    2. Indeed~

      Just kind of a pity that I have a cosplay and there's a group, but I'm not attending it. Unless I change in the middle of day, I guess.

    3. Yeah indeed. :/ Oh well, if you don't feel like changing during the day then let's just hope there will be a Furuba cosplay group another time too somewhere.


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