September 16, 2013

Got fake blood on your wig? No problem!

Tracon is now over but you won't get to read about the con just yet; I have a fucklot of photos to go through so, yeah, 'dis gonna take some time. xD But you can expect a Tracon con summary to pop up later this week!

So, uhm, let's get on with what this post was supposed to be about.. namely a quick discovery I made after Tracon. You see, I was cosplaying rasetsu version Hijikata (Hakuouki) on Sunday and I had fake blood on my face, neck and hands. You'll get pictures in the Tracon summary later! During the course of the day I got some blood in the wig because the bangs would occasionally touch my face and such. I tried to avoid having the wig touching the blood as much as possible but, yeah, kinda impossible. But yeah, when I had to leave from Tracon I just took off the wig and put it into its plastic bag with pretty much all blood still on it; not like it was much but you could still tell it wasn't pure white everywhere.

When I finally got home a few hours ago I took out the wig from the bag. This is what it looked like:

Colored wig ends
Random bloody streak
It's not super noticeable on these pictures but the wig had some obviously pinkish red coloring going on. :D Still minor though.
What I did was hold the wig in my hands and carefully wet it with some tap water. I'm not sure if it matters or not but I just took the first best water temperature that came and it was semi-cold. I made sure to only wet the parts of the wig that had been in contact with the fake blood to avoid unneccessary tangling. Oh, and while holding small clumps of wig fiber under the water I rubbed them carefully between my thumb and index finger. To my joy the blood came out like a charm!

Then again, it might depend on what fibers the wig is made out of (this one is some kind of heat resistant fibers, I don't know the actual fiber name..) and what fake blood you use; the brand I used was Grimas.

Wig put to dry on a wig head
When I was done I just put the wig on a wig head to dry. Don't try to comb a wig while it's wet! Now I'll just wait for it to dry and with that I now know that getting fake blood on a wig -even if it's pure white- is seemingly not a problem!
Hohohoho, bloody photoshoots.. here I come! >8D


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