September 12, 2013

Rasetsu out for blood and a mummy foot

Okay, first things first. Some days ago I had a mishap with my right foot and it seems now that it won't be okay until Tracon. I figured today err, yesterday, it's past midnight lolol that I should try if I can even wear my zori shoes for the Sunday cosplay and, well, I could but it wasn't painless. The thing is - it hurts if I bend my foot so I will likely walk like a limp penguin around the con. Oh well, not like it really bothers me but just thought I'd say that so that not everyone who sees me asks why I suddenly mangled my foot. :DD

Zori test with foot in mummy mode
And -as we all know- putting on a cosplay shoe soon results in having contact lenses on and then a wig and then some cosplay make-up and... boom ~
Yes, I totally thought that because my Sunday cosplay is rasetsu!Hijikata from Hakuouki I could get away with walking with a limp if I did a sort of bloody/"battle damaged" version.. So guess if me and Hasakitsuki went outside our apartment to the forest-ish area next to the train rails and had a photoshoot when it was getting dark outside? Hell yes!

Oh, I or more like, Hasakitsuki only put fake blood on my face and hand for now because I didn't want to have bloody and possibly sticky-yucky hakama and stuff in my suitcase... just, no.

Cosplayer: Valkoinen Samurai (Toshizo Hijikata)
Photographer: Hasakitsuki

I played around with color filters and stuff on this because the original lighting was kind of bad..
And lastly the obligatory ego-photo ~

For Tracon I will kinda likely end up having blood on my hakama and haori as well, this is gonna be fun, ku ku ku ku... ~

Nothing else to say, smell you guys at Tracon! >8D


  1. Ouch, sorry to hear about your foot accident :o

    And I really like your Rasetsu!Hijikata cosplay! X3

  2. Well I hope you foot gets better anyway for tracon, also really nice photos =D

  3. Awesome shots as Rasetsu!Hijikata! >D Sorry to hear about your foot injury! I hope it's all better now ~


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