May 16, 2012

A trip to Eurokangas...

So today I went to Eurokangas (a fabric store) to check if they still had that dark blue fabric left that we bought in 2010... they didn't. I guess I will need to use another blue for Ichito's kimono then. Oh well, I looked around for other fabrics for other cosplays too and whenever I found the perfect color it was wrong fabric type. Ahfgsgd. I found this perfect super pale violet that I could use for Souji Okita's yukata but then it was bed sheet fabric... even cut and sewn into a bed sheet with elastics around. Too thin too. Ahfgsgd.
While I was walking around searching fabrics I found a fabric patterned a certain way...

You think what I think?
 My mind went "AMMAGAAD AHFGDSHFGS" because a few days ago me and some friends had planned to do a Hakuouki cosplay group of the 'bad guys' and well, I picked Chikage Kazama...

You see it now? That pattern is fuckin' perfect for his haori collar! I was probably staring at that fabric for 5 minutes before I went and asked the sellers if they had it in different colors than violet and lime green... she checked up what colors the other Eurokangas stores around Finland had with her computer; she found white, red, turquoise... but no golden/brown. It didn't come in that color. Of course not.

My feelings were like this:

Followed by this:

So yeah. I got back home without any new fabrics. Bleh.
Rage comics made by me by the way.


  1. NOOOO huono tuuri!! toi kuvio olis ollu just niin perfecto!!!! grrrrrrr varmasti rageti!!!

  2. This is really aggravating -.- The pattern really is perfect! And then the colour issue -.- Everyone I know who did Kazama had to paint it themselves so far... The same goes for Souji, Hijikata... in short all xD... I still should paint that white pattern if I get some time..
    Sorry ^^''.
    Well, but that happens often that you find the perfect colour of the wrong fabric type or the perfect pattern in the wrong colour -.- Perfect matches are so rare -.- Hope you find something somewhere else.

    1. It sure is. -.- And know what, the fabric was called something with kimono too, 'kimono classics' or something.
      Yeah I can imagine, it's soooo hard to find a perfect match.. fabric designers trolls cosplayers, agrgfs.

  3. Oooh I understand that..Its really annyoing. -w- lol I found the pefect blue fabric for Soma but I wish It was satin utan more bomull OTL... .w.'


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