May 21, 2012

I'm coming to Animecon!


I just ordered myself a ticket from Urumi's online shop, I'm coming ~
At first I thought I won't attend Animecon this year because I already have planned 4 other cons for the summer but... damn my awesome friends Jäärä and Zkitsune are going there and I just thought that "fuck, I'm coming too!" because I want to meet with them and see their Animecon cosplays so bad and sfhjgkfhks! Luckily pre-order train tickets to Kuopio are pretty cheap (only about 35 € there and same amount back) even on adult price...

Cosplay plan list will be up as soon as I know for sure on which day the Sengoku Basara group will be...


  1. Basara ryhmä on lauantaina~

    ja tottakai me ollaan awesomesauceja~ Kukaan ei pottuile Maeda klaanille~

    1. Joo mä kuulin Sheikulta! 
      En malta odottaaaaaa shalalalala ~ <3


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