May 29, 2012

Ichito cosplay tekkou pt.1

 Hi guys!

Sorry this post is actually from 28th May, I didn't have time to write it earlier so now I'm writing it in the middle of the night.
While I was working on Ichito's 'flap' I was actually working on his handguards, tekkou, also.

Kind of shows his tekkou... and how he likes to threat killing people right and left..
 Earlier during the same day I had googled around for some information about tekkou and I had found this Youtube video that gave me some kind of ideas of what to do.

And then I also found this nice little helpful picture:

(found in Google)
So filled with a basic idea of what to do I went and got the roll of pattern paper and started drawing a tekkou pattern. My first prototype turned out to be a fail so I did another one. I kept tweaking and changing it forever until it finally had a not-completely-retarded fit.

The pattern I ended up using (own measurements)
Then it was just to go get that brown leather fabric we had at home and cut out two pieces. Good thing with leather is that you don't need to do a shit to it. XD It doesn't fray.

Cut out pieces (they are darker in reality)
I wanted to do a seam around the edges for decoration... (sorry dark photo)
Mom suggested using push-buttons for fastening. I found that a better option than velcro.. I don't really know why but I don't really like velcro...

When I tried to continue sewing in 2 centimeter of the sides on one of the tekkous (to strengthen the push-button and to get a better fit) I noticed the sewing machine left those ugly markings again on the surface... ugh. So mom came with the idea to use pattern paper under the leather. It worked perfectly and the paper was easy to rip away afterwards. But. When I was sewing the sewing machine suddenly decided to be an ass and quit. It started sounding weird and gave warning signs and then it made this huge tangled bobbin thread mess that got half-way stuck inside the machine. Great. Needless to say no more sewing after that.. I hope I can continue tomorrow.

That's all, bye!


Psycho Cat said...

I love that pic for the tekkou on how too make them more or less. Also it is a pain in the ass when the sewing machine says no when you want to finish stuff. I Hope it will work today for you.

Jäärä said...

Hyvin etenee. Tästä tulee niin hieno cossi! Ja tuo eka kuva nyt näyttää enemmän siltä että sillä on jotakin muuta mielessä myös kuin vain tappaminen >8D pffffttt olen hiljaa!

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Haluan saada hanskat valmiiks niin voi pistää ne kätteen! 8D

Oloollolo ~~~ XD No ehkä on badumtssh!

Valkoinen Samurai said...

It totally sucks when the sewing machine decides it doesn't want to sew anymore for today.