May 6, 2012

Fabrics for Ichito

 Hi all.

I'm bored right now and mom was watching icehockey recently and today she doesn't really feel like helping me finish that 'flap' thingy -with its lining problems- so I went and checked what leftover fabrics we had in our 'clothing room' more like sewing supply room lol instead because I'm in a cosplay progress mood. I tried to search for that light gray fabric that I used for my hakamas when making my Byakuya cosplay from Inu Yasha year 2010. Yes, my first cosplay. I had a faint memory we had scrap pieces of that fabric left but it seems we did not.. crap, I could have used some for Ichito's eyepatch thingies. That fabric isn't finito though, the bolt is in the storage if I'm not mistaken.
Oh well, instead I found a dark blue fabric that could work for Ichito's kimono. Although it's a bit darker and lacks a violet-ish touch to it -as I would prefer- I still think I will use it.. but mom said this piece probably isn't big enough for the kimono so I have to pay a visit to Eurokangas (where we bought it 2010 too, also originally used for Byakuya cosplay's haori) and check if they have it left. I also found a piece of dark brown kinda stretchy fabric that mom said is one of the many fabrics that's left from her own fabric store. She said it's used for pants and it would work for Ichito's hakama-ish pants. She thinks there's enough fabric and I hope she's right, save money hohoho. I think this piece is all that is left from that fabric bolt, she probably sold the rest years ago so if this isn't enough we need to go buy something else...

Lastly a picture of the fabrics:

(flash photo)
I love how cameras never show the actual colors... both are darker in real life.
Oh, and I noticed I only have a month on me to finish my Desucon cosplays. Shiet, need to start working for real now!



Jäärä said...

hienosti vaellat Eurokankaan ihmeelliseen maailmaan! ja tosiaan kuukausi -___-Kiire tuleee!

Psycho Cat said...

I hope eveything will work for you from the fabric too making the codplay. Oh that is not long time you got. But you can do it. =D