May 18, 2012

Eyepatch - because just wraps won't cut it

 Hi all.

I was supposed to continue working on the "ninja pants" for Ichito.. but.. I felt like doing something small before I continued on them.. so I did his eyepatch. I've been trying to look if he has an eyepatch "plate" under those wrappings and it seems he does, at least on these two pictures if you look closely...

His wrappings are loose here but it seems like he has something covering his eye...
Notice that rounded edge poking out...
 So yeah, there's a lack of references to go by (obscure game is obscure...) but from what I can tell it do indeed look like he... well...

(yeah I'm not tired at all..)
 But here goes~
Sorry I didn't take progress pictures but what I did was I went and got a craft foam piece (color doesn't matter), cut it into shape and rounded the corners a bit. Then I picked up a scrap piece of those 'feet tubes' and cut out two pieces, slightly bigger than the craft foam piece. I zigzaged around the fabric and it looked like this:

The piece to the left is "right side" and soft, the one to the right is "wrong side" and kinda leather-ish
 Then I just took the side of the fabric that I wanted to be against my eye (the softer side) and sewed it to the craft foam piece at the two ends. I tried to turn in the longer sides but noticed I had cut the fabric a bit too short for that so I tried to glue them onto the foam and even use jesus tape (read: duct tape) but it didn't really work either. *shrugs* Oh well, I took the other fabric piece and this one was to be the side facing outwards, so I used the leather-ish side. Sewed the ends again to the foam and then I tried to fold in the sides over to the back but it proved to be a pain in the butt and I had to cut the foam a bit shorter to get the other side to fold in. lol my explanations probably make no sense. OTL I did get the zigzaged edges over to the back (where they won't be seen) after a lot of tweaking but it resulted in a tiny 'airbag' in the back.. oh well, not that I really mind because the 'airbag' actually makes the thing more comfortable over my eye. xD;

It's kinda fugly but it works...
My comment:

Oh well, it works for its purpose and it's not like it's going to be seen so much anyway because those wraps (which I will make later) will be over it and thus cover it... at least it's comfortable (and bendable) so that's good, comfort is always appreciated in cosplay... how comfortable it now is to be half-blind for a day...

Bye bye!


  1. no löytyy Ichitosta nyt varmaan enemmän kuvia kuin Mikusta XDD trolololo~
    ja hieno silmälappu on tulossa.

    1. No tuo on totta mutta on silti kuvapuute. xD Kiitosh~

  2. You get dizzy really easily... I've tried it before ^^". you should definitely wear it around your house as much as possible, so that you get use to the feeling.

    1. Yeah, I've heard it's a good idea to get used to it at home before the con.

  3. Who cares if it´s fugly? It´s not like it´s directly visible either xD

    But like EastDruid said, I suggest that you try to get at least a bit used to it before the con, if you need "guidance" during the con then let me know.

  4. Yksisilmäsyyteen onneks tottuu. Ainaki mä totuin, koska Kiran hiukset estää mulla vasemmalla silmällä näkemisen. Toisaalta mä nään paremmin oikealla, joten ehkä se oli siks aika helppoa. *shrug*

  5. That eyepatch looks very nice!! x) I have a char that I wanted to cosplay for some time and she also has a eye patch...xD


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