May 26, 2012

I'm ready for Uppcon! + Desucon panic

 Alrighty, so I just bought err, mom bought a train ticket to Uppcon (or well, actually to my dad's town because I'll be sleeping there) so now I have the sleeping place, con ticket and train ticket ready! Now only to finish the cosplays in time...
Oh, and you guys have no clue how stressed I am for Desucon!!

I only have 12 days to finish one and a half cosplay pretty much and during that same time I need to deal with my final school rush too lol. Wish me luck... I'll be needing it.



  1. ahahahaaa sä pystyt siihen!!! anna mennä XDDDD

    1. Lolskis aika pimeältä näyttää. XD Jos koulu olis pois tieltä niin helpottais ihan perseest.. mutku ei. :'CCCCCCC

  2. I wish you all the luck. I hope you get the all cosplay stuff redy when you want it to be. =)

  3. Kyllä sie selviät. ;D On miullakin työharjoittelu viemässä cossien tekoaikaa.


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