May 13, 2012

Immortal spirit's ninja pants pt.1

Oh sweet Jesus, two updates in one day. I sure have been productive today, ohohoh ~

Even though the 'flap' isn't completely finished yet I decided to tackle the next task, namely Ichito's hakama-ish pants. Mom was confused at first when I tried to explain that I needed to make some kind of 'tubes' below the knees of the pants, so I could tie those feet wrappings on top of them. I also wanted to make 'tubes' so that the pant cuffs wouldn't ride up all the time. So err, after some explaining that lead to nowhere I tried to think of what the closest to Ichito's pants was.. and then I found this when googling:

Or well, tattsuke hakama I believe they're also called.
Now she got it. She said I could go buy some long gray socks and sew them on... but that I will get back to later...

I needed to go dig in one of mom's "pattern files" after the pattern for those wide pants that we had used earlier as a base and modified to make hakama. I did find it and after some doubts, measuring and pattern tweaking (to make it smaller) we managed to get the dark brown fabric to be just enough. I couldn't even take any seam allowances and the front and back pattern touched each other...

Fabric just cut out
Mom cut the fabric for me just before she left to go visit her mom (Mother's day in Finland today) because, well, I'm a lefty and sometimes using right-hand scissors gets super hard... sghjdfghs. Then she left, after giving me some instructions what to do. So I went and zigzaged around all the four parts. After that I sewed the two back parts together at the "butt seam" and same thing with the front. lol And when that was done I started to measure out those hakama side openings...

Pinning openings
 And then I just sewed around the folded piece. It formed a triangle, like this:

lololo my camera made the dark brown fabric look blue/violet. WHAT THE HELL.
 After that my 'ninja pants' had started to look slightly like... well, pants. So I pinned the front to my t-shirt and held the back up with my hand. Buuuuuuuuut when I was doing that I accidentally scratched myself on one of the pins...

Pins are evil
But I didn't bother to go get a plaster instantly or even do anything to it, I just went on with what I had been doing before. lol

(ignore dirty mirror)
 The side seams aren't sewed together, I just pinned them in place. Mostly just testing what the side openings looked like and if the front and back pieces were a good enough length after doing some pinned-to-place pleats. Oh, speaking of pleats. I had to unstitch and redo the "butt pleats" two (or was it three?) times before I got it right because the fabric made a fugly horizontal big wrinkle close to the stitch I had made to keep the pleats in place...

Finally it looked good...
.. but I had to redo the front pleats once too.
And I know a standard hakama has five pleats on the front... although, as I mentioned earlier, I was very short on fabric (yay for free leftover fabric) so I didn't make them as wide as normally so I just had place to make two pleats. Besides Ichito's hakama doesn't show any pleats at all and even if he had five those would be covered by the 'flap'...

I can see no pleats trololo, just looks like big puffy pants with hakama side openings to me. xD
Next step was to sew together the side seams. Dinner was ready but I decided to sew the sides together before I went to eat. Noticed afterwards it was a bad decision because in that hurry I made an epic fail and after turning the hakama every way possible I noticed I had sewn the wrong side seams together... needless to say there was no way to get into the thing... except the side openings or the leg holes. OTL

Oops. I'm so not gonna squeeze into that. lol
So I had to unstitch the fail side seams on both sides and do it again.. but this time make sure to attach the right ones together...

Ah, that's better ~
Then I just sewed the whole "inside/crotch seam" and then I went and pinned the thing, that now resembles some kind of mini hakama, to my t-shirt.

Side shot
Front-ish shot
Back-ish shot
And that's what I got done today. I still need to cut out the ties, gather the fabric a bit below the knees so it poofs and sew some kind of 'tubes' to it so it keeps in place and so that I can easily wrap those wrappings over it... oh, and yes, I think I'm gonna skip the koshiita (back board), it won't be seen anyway because Ichito's hitatare-ish jacket and 'back flap' will cover my ass anyway. trololo Lazy man, lazy excuses.

PS. Did anyone notice how much my camera distorted the colors? OTL The last pic is the one closest to the real color.

Byeee ~


EastDruid said...

wow, you did get a lot done. lol. I need to pick up on my own sewing for my own con... I only wish my siblings wouldn't move my stuff where I can't find it.

Psycho Cat said...

Blood Sweat and Tear in cosplays are more or less a need in cosplay.

Looking good and as always you work do.

Angie Cross said...

Haha Nice pants! ;D
Looks really good! I think I need to make a pair of these hakamas sometimes too ( Cuz The ones I did keep falling out form the socks I had so.. >> )
Men när du gjorde dessa ninja hakamas hur mkt fick du förminskade du från den vanliga hakamas mönstren som du använde? C:

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Aso jag använde inget "hakama mönster".. jag bara tog en close enough mönster vi hade hemma och modifierade utifrån den. De är typ 60 cm långa.

Jäärä said...

hajosin tolle ninjan kuvalle!!! staili jäbä!

Ja hienot housut niistä tulee XD Laita niihin henkselit niin tulee maajussi-Ichito...mitäköhän mä höpötän!

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Se on staili!

No niin just laitan badumtssh! Eikuuuuuuu... en tosiaan laita! xD;

Little Ukeboy said...

Oohoo näyttää tosi hyvältä;)! Mihin coniin siis ichito tulee kun en nyt jaksa selata loppuun saakka :D

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Kiitokset! :) Ichito on Desuconiin lauantaiksi! (ja myös Ruotsin Uppconiin lauantaiksi)