May 29, 2012

Bead bracelet and feet wrappings

I made some minor progress today!

Let's start with the bead bracelet. Not so much to say about how I made it because it's so simple...

My weapon of choice - black elastic and blue beads
Start to string beads.. everyone knows how to do this c'mon...
Just tie the ends and BOOM finished!
lolol what it looks like when it's not on my wrist
Next thing I did was the feet wrappings... again very simple. I just went and grabbed the same fabric I earlier had used to make the 'feet tubes' so that they would match. I then measured 5 cm and drew marks...

Those faint pink streaks are my 5 cm marks...
Fabric cut out
Zigzaged all around
Super easy huh? xD I'll probably just wrap them around my feet and then tie the ends together in the back, nothing fancy.

That's all, bye.

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