May 2, 2012

Hijikata wig styling

Today after school I went to the post office in town and picked up two items, one of them being wig stands. Yay now I can finally start styling wigs! I've been thinking about cutting the bangs on my Hijikata wig shorter for some time now because I thought they were a bit too long... so I decided to plunge into a new challenge today and cut and style a wig myself for the first time ever. I must admit I was hesitating at first and scared to screw up. It doesn't really help that I'm bad with scissors either... I'm left-handed and I've always used right-hand scissors and some angles are really hard and/or awkward to cut in... I can't use left-hand scissors because those are even weirder for me. lol I tried once when I was young and quickly decided to use "normal scissors". Before cutting the wig I had of course read and watched some how-to tutorials earlier so I knew somewhat what to do and not do.

Pardon the lighting again.. we have pretty sucky lamps in the house lol, they make everything yellow when taking photos...

Started cutting... lol super uneven or what? Orz
Looks a  bit better now...
Sorry I don't have photos of the 'spiking' process but here's a WIP photo after the styling. If you want to compare before and after photos check out my earlier Hijikata wig blog post.

Please don't mind the wrong color kimono, I know it's too light.
I have yet to make a darker one so I used a substitute...

It's annoying when trying to take photos of yourself and you end up with a derp or semi-derp face on 80% of them... OTL I'm so photogenic. lol
That's all for today, see ya folks!


  1. O________________________O
    HIIJIIIKAAATAAAAA~ okke julkinen blogi...nyt...hillitse...itsesi...................................PPPPFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTTT

    Hienolta näyttääää!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3

    1. *hajoilee* x'DDD
      Wuhuuu kiitos!! LOOL

  2. Näyttää peruukki super hyvältä! Ja meikit <3 (Meikä feilaa niissä.)

    1. Kiitos kiitos ja etkä varmasti feilaa! x)

  3. Ooh, siitä tuli tosi hyvä. Ja ihan Hijikata ilmekki. <3

    Ja damn, mun pitäis varmaan kans opetella tommonen prettyboy -silmämeikki.

    1. Kiitoksia kovasti, olen iloinen jos ilme on semmoinen kuten sen pitää olla. xD

      Joo harjoittele ihmeessä!

  4. Cool. Once you get use to cutting, it gets easier, I assure you.


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