January 3, 2015

Lens review: SeeShell Dizoneye Green

Hiya everyone!

I'll kick off this year with a lens review, woop! Some of my circle lenses have expired at the end of last year... and I felt like opening new ones! :'D It's so sad to throw away eyes. ;_; The lenses I'll be reviewing this time are SeeShell Dizoneye Green, although mine were relabeled under TheDollyEye.

Let's get started!

Lenses in vials, flash photo. (the arm belongs to Hasakitsuki)
Lenses in solution.
Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 15.0 mm
Life span: 1 year (I recommend 6 months)

Lens on finger notice how far the design is printed from the edge!
When I bought these lenses I expected them to be subtle and natural, definitely not cosplay lenses. It turned out that I was right and thus no disappointment happened. :D The Dizoneye Green has a base curve of 8.6 mm and according to the vials I had a 15.0 mm diameter; the site I bought them from says that diameter is 14.5 mm though. This I can say straight out is not true these lenses have a slight natural-looking enlargement but no way do I believe that they are 15.0 mm! Actually if you take a closer look you'll notice that the print of the lens is not printed close to the corners I mean, there is a wide circle part around the outer edges of the lens that is transparent and thus the stated diameter is very misleading.

With just one lens in.
When I took out the lenses from the vials I immediately noticed that they are thinner and softer than your average circle lenses; they kept rolling/wrapping themselves up when I carefully rubbed the solution and even when I just slightly tilted my palm. At first I was worried that because the lenses were so thin/soft they would collapse on my finger when I would try to put them in my eyes, instead of going in like usual. This turned out to be partly true I had to be extra careful when I put them in but otherwise no difficulties or problems with the lens plastering itself over my finger.. so far. I can imagine though that if they keep collapsing on your finger the lenses will have a higher risk of getting damaged from all the touching and flapping it to get it back in shape...

Enlargement seems to be slightly below average. It's just right for most casual looks but if you love to go all doe eyed loli or something, then it will fall a bit short. The dark limbal ring helps to pronounce your eyes and make them appear bigger.

Photo batch of the lenses ahead!
All photos taken by me. There's no color filters or such and that's so that the colors would be as true to real life as possible.

Outside, back against light.
Outside, facing light direction.
Outside, cloudy winter afternoon.
Inside, room light.
Bathroom light.
Inside, facing a window during afternoon/sunset. *coughpolarnightcough*
Flash photo taken inside.
As you can see on the photos above save for the flash pic in room light, past sunset, these just turn out to look gray on my eyes; the green color just doesn't show which is kinda meh. In brighter/clearer room lights though, as well as outside during sun hours, they do look noticeably green so if the color shows or not is highly dependent on what lights the surrounding has to offer. Then again, I think that if any lens color then green is the one that tends to disappear the most, depending at least partly on what your natural eye color is; my natural eye color is a blue-gray (more blue though) with a slight greenish tint.

Distance photo!

As far as comfort is concerned when I put them in I don't feel them at all for the first hours it doesn't even feel like I have contacts on! I think this might be because they are so thin. But after a few more hours they did occasionally irritate my eyes (aka I keep poking the inner corners to relieve the discomfort etc) and I've had it happen that my vision was blurred for a second, until I blinked again. But I think these are perfectly fine to wear!

All in all I'd say that these are the best for days when you want to have slightly nicer eyes but don't want people to think "contacts! :O" the first thing they do when they spot you. Great for casual days, school and strolls in town. I don't think Dizoneye Green gives the visual impact needed for cosplay or any vivid fashion statement though, so don't expect them to be eye-catching or give you big dolly eyes. ;)

Short summary:

Color: 3/10
Subtle green shade; lens doesn't have much green on it though and might appear gray in insufficient light...
Design: 4/10
Average. It seems to be made to blend with and enhance your eyes for a natural look rather than to stick out on its own. The dark limbal ring is nice.
Opacity: 2/10 
Not opaque, mostly just adds a tint of green to the edges of your iris. 

Enlargement: 4/10
Pretty average enlargement not big but not super small either.
Comfort: 7/10
I don't feel them at all the first hours, it's as if I had no contacts on! They seem to dry a bit after 2,5-4 hours though.

Naturalness: 7/10
Could almost be my real eyes, just slightly enhanced by a thicker/darker limbal ring.

That's about it for this time! If you have any questions just leave a comment! ^o^


Hasaki Tsuki said...

Oh, this is interesting! I must say I was hoping for juuuust a little more green though. But it's pretty amazing how natural they look. :)
Still more obvious than the Color Blends, I tell you. x)

Angie Cross said...

They look great on you! :3 Mix really whil with your own nautral eyecolor *A*
These lens look kind of smiliaring to the ones I use for my Anthy Himemiya cosplay xD Thou the ones I use are called "seeshell cosmo aqua." I shall try to reveiw on them...