January 26, 2015

Hakuouki's Souji Okita makeup test!

Chu chuuu ~

I know I know, I've already cosplayed Okita several times so why am I doing a makeup test now? You see, that's because during the last month or so I've been trying to change and improve my cosplay makeup a bit; I came to the conclusion along the way that I wanted to update and try on the new makeup first for my Hakuouki character cosplays, mainly because they have really beautiful eyes that require more makeup than some of my other cosplays. For most of the Hakuouki guys I do the same eye makeup (with possible slight differences) but since I had thrown away all my circle lenses (they expired) that I had been using for all the characters except for the green lenses that I use for Okita... well, guess? :'D

I still don't have his usual Japanese style outfit, so I just took my asanoha pattern yukata (that I'll use for the cosplay) and rolled with it for now. The lenses I'm using are the I.Fairy Ash Green and after taking these photos I threw them away. :'( I've had them since last summer and I never wear circle lenses for 1 year anymore max 6-7 months, just to be on the safe side.

Actually, when I was taking the selfies (yeah, had no photographer around...) I got surprisingly many decent ones and well, I just couldn't decide which ones to upload because they were all good so, err, prepare for seeing my face a lot... xD I hope you don't get sick of the photo spam ahead!

But I'll stop babbling now and let you see the updated makeup test results.
Sorry about the unfitting background, I didn't have much choice because the lights were kinda bad in the house and so I had to go stand next to the windows...

It was soooo hard to blink like that lol. OTL
I actually have more pictures than this but I think I'll stop here...

How do you like the new makeup look? o/ 

Personally I do kinda like it, but I really need to buy some more precise makeup tools because it felt like I didn't have the right equipment for this kind of shit. Some lines could have been thinner/cleaner/less bold *coughlineundertheeyecough* but I blame my lacking makeup brush arsenal and my lack of knowledge of said brushes for that. I also should invest in different color shades for, well, shading, as well as blending equipment etc. I don't have enough makeup and I also need to learn more. Makeup is not my strong point when it comes to cosplay.
I will do changes to this makeup style and improve it along the way; this was just a first try to try it out and see how it looks. Needs more practice ~

Not really anything else to say, sayonara!
Shiro Samurai out.


  1. Wow, you really go all out with your makeup. I should try to step up my cosplay makeup game as well, I usually go with fairly basic makeup for cosplay ^^'
    As for opinions I think it is cool when people really go that extra mile to do something special about their makeup for cosplay, so kudos to you! If you want some tips on further improving the look I'd suggest blending the lines (the "extra" line under the eye and the one above the eye (the fake crease part) a little more, I feel like especially the ones under the eye look a little too strong, they move the focus downwards a bit too much. Using a slightly lighter color could be an option as well? But now I'm just blurting random ideas haha, I'm by no means a makeup expert, neither am I too familiar with the character you're portraying, but those were my intitial thoughts :D. Now I'm gonna go practise my own makeup, I got inspired from analyzing yours ^^

    1. Thank you, I'm happy to inspire people! o/

      Actually, I wanted to make the line under the eye thinner but I don't have precise enough brushes for that. x) But yeah, the line under is a bit too thick for my taste but I did what I could with what I had lol. Thanks for the tip on blending though - I had considered doing it but I was worried that it would blend too much because my eyes have this thing going on that make-up disappears easily, so I kinda have to "overdo" it a bit so that it will show, especially on photos. XD Maybe it's normal, idk. x)

  2. Oh... my... djhgdfghgfgf. You're so hot. ;A;
    Your eyes are simply amazing, they look huge and anime-ish, it's really impressive what you can do with make-up! (and beautiful eyes to begin with, you pretty boy)
    I think my favorite pic is the 8th, it really looks dramatic oh my. ;A; It just makes me want to hug. Second favorite I'd say is the 2nd because it's so vibrant and your pose is simply fabulous. <3
    I want to see more of this look! ;A; Won't you publish the other pics you have? When will you do a proper shoot for Okita? (#nosebleed)
    By the way, this yukata looks amazing on you, the pattern fits you perfectly. <3

  3. ^ All this. :D

    I like it. Looking good as always. Senpaaaaaaaai~


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