January 9, 2015

Eren Yeager makeup test!

Hello titans humans! :'D

I'm now one of those in the growing list who have gone and fallen into the Attack on Titan aka Shingeki no Kyojin fandom wave. I can't go and call myself a mega fan or anything but I must admit that the anime was very good and I'm looking forward to the second season! The soundtracks, oh my god. <3 

I took a quick liking to Eren Yeager our hotheaded main character even though he's not the usual character type that I tend to gravitate towards; I don't know, something in his character just really caught my interest and so the cosplay antennas started tingling! 

Eren's face in the anime.
Honestly, the last few days I've had a horrible itch to do some cosplay makeup experimenting and what isn't better than practicing the looks for some future cosplays? I've also been aware of the fact that one of my unopened circle lens pairs will expire after two months unless I open the vials and hey, said contacts could totally work for Eren so why the hell not? :D That's totally also why I today decided to do a makeup test to try to Eren-ify myself! o/

But first, some close-ups of Eren's big blue-green eyes!

Rage mode activated.
Okay so.. Eren has surprisingly big/round eyes for a guy, which also made me think that even notably enlarging lenses would be fine for him, haha. The lenses I decided to wear for this costest are called Vassen Dori Green.

I borrowed Jäätynyt Enkeli's trainee squad uniform jacket because my cosplay isn't ready, did the makeup and took some photos! In the end I'm a bit surprised; I didn't quite think that I would fit Eren if I'm honest, haha. I barely recognize myself. Oh well, it's a challenge to do something different once in a while too!

But now, Ernu Eren time!

So, whatcha think? Eren enough for the titans you?

I tried to snap photos in angles that would make me look more childlike instead of manly because I think Eren looks young; he doesn't exactly have defined features and his face is a bit round anyway, especially if you compare to some other male characters in the cast, hah. So yeah, I kinda tried to make myself look boy-ish but it was very hard on most pics I ended up looking like Jean Kirstein with Eren's eyes lol. xD Goddammit face!

The wig I also cut some days ago. I didn't put any products in it just yet because I might not cosplay Eren at a con until summer and I don't want to style my wig half a year in advance and have it turn poop on me when the con is finally approaching, now that would be a bummer...

Wig before cutting.
Sorry about the wig being slightly inaccurate on the test pics, especially the side pieces are a bit too long but I do have a reason for this I plan to use the same wig for Heisuke Toudou from Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan because the hairstyle and color are fairly similar; if I had cut the side bangs any shorter it would be too short for Heisuke and I tend to think that longer sides frame my face better and look more flattering. 

That's all for today, bye!


Sipsinekku said...

Yleensä oon kovasti sitä vastaan että silmiä hirveesti suurennetaan valkosella, koska se tuppaa useimmissa tapauksissa näyttämään vaan hölmöltä, mutta sait tuon tehtyä kivan luonnollisen näköseks :D

Hasaki Tsuki said...

I fell on my ass because you look so much like Eren. O_o I didn't think that you would look like him this much, I'm impressed! Also I really like the eye make-up you did, it's very fitting and it looks good on you too! <3
It's true that you look a bit more like Eren as a young man than Eren as a boy but it's not like it's a bad thing. :)
If you just put on a shirt, you're ready to go fight the Titans! :'D

Ri-kun said...

Cool! I agree, it's odd seeing you as a character like Eren. But it looks pretty good!

I'll definitely be Armin for you if needed~ ^_^

Jäätynyt Enkeli said...

This is both unexpected and refreshing to see you do a character like Eren, mooaar! I think that make-up goes well with Eren, though you look a bit more like adult Eren but that's absolutely not a bad thing! :)