January 16, 2015

Levi's wig – Disasters and miracles!

 Back in line, dudes! Hello hello!

Fairly recently I decided that it was about time that I tackle my most challenging wig cutting mission so far cutting my Levi wig. Yes, of course it's captain Levi from Attack on Titan, aka Shingeki no Kyojin. *badamtssh*

Levi levisi jo cossilistaani...
Oh god, where do I even start? 

I was so nervous, so scared of messing it up! The base wig was very different from what I was going for and I had never cut a wig this drastically before; it was a daunting task.

This is what the wig looked like before cutting:

It doesn't look anything like Levi's hair...
So, why did I even inflict this upon myself? 
Why didn't I just buy one of the zillions of Levi character wigs that are already out there?

The reason is that none of the Levi wigs were "right" for me there was always something that bugged me on all of them, for one reason or another. Most times it was the color and if the color was what I wanted then the cut looked wrong or the wig looked obviously way too small (looked too short already on a tiny wig head OTL) etc. Oh and speaking of color I didn't want a black wig. No no.
That's also the main reason why I settled on this one wig it had the perfect color that I was looking for, aka a dark mix of brownish gray, almost black but still not black.

Yeah, so I decided to buy a non-Levi wig and make it into a Levi wig, with the help of my amateur wig cutting skills that are far from polished enough for this kind of shit. Yes, it was a brave act but oh so foolish. I was almost asking for disaster to crash down on me...
But with scissors in hand I didn't really have another choice except for giving it my all; it was a bit too late to give in give up my soldier's pride and just buy a character wig and have it arrive in time before Desucon Frostbite, which is already slowly knocking at the door. Yeah, you just got one of my Frostbite cosplays spoiled! :D

Show me your wefts bro!
I started by pinning up the layers that I shouldn't cut just yet so that it would reveal the wefts that were lower down and under. Then I just started cutting away, trimming the fibers short but not so short that the wefting would show. I felt like a wig murderer.

For some reason I completely forgot to take any more progress photos but I just kept cutting it shorter pretty much everywhere and only leaving some long pieces in the back because Levi has this taper cut thing going on.

At first the bangs were a freakin' hair curtain so I kept trying to thin them down and at some point I guess I entered barbarian mode without realizing and then, suddenly, the bangs were way too short. OnO;; AARGH! It's not the first time it happens that I cut something too short! *punches self in face*

At this point I was about to ragequit and just throw the whole thing in the trash bin and pretend that it never existed. It looked so bad.. or more like, the front was ruined but the back was successful which was very frustrating because the back was much harder to do. OTL
But I didn't give up, even though my wig looked like an overrun squirrel at this point. It was so bad I could barely look at it, I swear. xD The wig had way too much fibers and just looked much poofier/fluffier than I wanted on the sides stupid mop! and this was driving me crazy since when was a wig too thick anyway!? rofl my luck

I tried watering down the front of my wig and then it suddenly came back to life! ... or more like, it didn't look like a crow's nest anymore. At least.
Yeah, I mean to say that suddenly there was some light shining and the wig was whispering to me "psst, you can maybe still save me!". Oh boy, where are we going...
So I was fiddling with the too-short-and-looked-retarded bangs until I thought that "hey, if I get some wefts from another part of the wig and add them in the front it might look okay again!" and then I decided to give it a try, what did I have to lose anyway? Well, my wig.
Mind you, I had never worked with wefts before and neither had I planned to do it already now yeah, I'm basically saying that I probably looked like this:

Because that's exactly how I felt when I was trying to undo a seam on a weft, so that I could get it out and reattach it somewhere else. This task proved to be horribly tedious and rage inducing...

Something's missing...

(edits by me)
That's better.

Yeah, I entered rage mode very quickly because I couldn't even see where the weft seam was on the wig cap because both had the exact same goddamn color! 8C At some point I tableflipped and just cut out the few centimeters of the weft that I had managed to undo (the end of it was poking out) and rolled with it. I hand-sewed it in place and prayed that this little piece of hair would improve the looks of my wig and as if by a miracle it did. Omigosh yesss!!
You see, Levi has his bangs kinda more towards the sides because of the parting and I had been cutting my bangs to hell and back to not have the way-too-much-hair syndrome. As I said earlier I cut them too short at some point, which led me to cut the middle completely out of bangs in desperation and then by adding that one extra tiny weft piece to the side with the shorter bangs the front suddenly looked okay and actually sparse enough to work. I wasn't even believing in it anymore.

So, what did the wig look like in the end?
I'll show ya!

le Levi wig!
Despite all the horrors I faced while cutting this sucker I think it turned out kinda okay in the end. :') It looks a bit wonky on the wig head but it looks better when I actually wear it or so I hope. Oh and the back is cut very short on the lower half and the upper half is longer, it doesn't really show on the photos though. Also, I haven't put any styling products in it just yet but I might do that for the soon-to-follow Levi makeup test!

That'll be all for this time!
Shiro Samurai out.


Psycho Cat said...

Oh looking good in the end with the wig. Also is going to be interesting to see you as Levi too =D As the last person I am I just started to watch the show XD

-ShinigamiUchiha- said...

Wow! *__* The wig looks very good! :)

Anonymous said...

Good job! I am looking forward to your next work :).

Hasaki Tsuki said...

Levi spreads everywhere. O_o
First, I'm impressed that you even took the challenge of modifying a wig that looks so far from Levi's hair...
The post was really funny to read, which kinda makes me feel sorry because you raged so much... x) But good job, it turned out really good in the end. I like the back of the wig especially much, well done! :'D