January 21, 2015

Long awaited extra hair and a Naruto headband!

Whazzup bros? ;)

I recently received some wig-y parts from an Arda Wigs order that Jäätynyt Enkeli placed some weeks ago. I hadn't bought a full wig, just a pack of short wefts and two short clip-on bangs. Jäätynyt Enkeli did buy a lacefront wig though.

Colors from left to right: Royal Blue, Cobalt Blue
& Light Copper Red.
I admit that Arda has amazing quality, variety in both styles & colors and their wigs are a godsend if you have a bigger than average head _but_ it's a bit expensive and even more so because the shipping costs (at least to northern Europe) are really high I think it was around 20 dollars just for our order that consisted of one wig and some small stuff that barely take space or weight anything. Ouch. D;  And on top of that we got stuck into customs and had to pay like 30+ dollars more... the wallet is bleeding. x_x
The reason that Arda's shipping is so high is also the reason why I've been putting off from ordering especially the pack of wefts for like, I don't know, at least one year? :< But now that le bro urgently needed an Arda wig I finally got my chance to jump in on the same order! Not keen on paying shipping twice the item cost for just some wefts and nothing else..

You see, I've been needing to order the wefts to fill out the ponytail on my Kenshin wig (also from Arda and thus the reason I needed wefts from the same company, so that colors would match) and yeah, I mean the non-Battousai usual Kenshin wig that I've had lying around in my closet for a long time now.

This Kenshin that we all know and love. <3
Yeah, I'm happy to finally have gotten a hold of the extra hair that I needed and so I will continue the progress again on our wandering swordsman and, possibly, cosplay him at a con this year!

But except for the new hairy friends I also got a new ninja accessory friend!

le ninja headband.
(there's still the plastic protection film on the metal)
This one was originally Jäätynyt Enkeli's (dad had bought it for him from Fantasybutiken) but he lost interest in cosplaying from Naruto a long time ago. Lately I've been getting into this popular show what you mean late to the party? and I guess I had mentioned that I had thoughts on cosplaying a few characters that would have use of the same headband he had lying around and so he ended up giving it over to me, whoopee! (◕//ヮ//◕)

That's all for this time, cosplay updates might come later this year! Cya!


  1. Nice! I wonder which cosplays you will use these for? ;)
    It's never too late to join the Naruto party, you're always welcome. <3

  2. "hieman kallis" on ehkä lievä ilmaisu :'D


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