October 1, 2012

New Hijikata wig styling pt.2

I decided to trim the bangs of my Hijikata wig a bit more shorter, straighten them and make them a bit.. err, angled, I guess? I mean so that all of the hair isn't of equal lenght, it shortens towards the sides gradually. Too bad it doesn't really show because there's so much fibers so that when I position the bangs more at the sides everything looks more or less the same length. I also cut some strands noticeably shorter so they fall approximately to my nose.. or something.

reference photo I used
I also tried to put that thing into a ponytail, even though I'm home alone and I need assistance to do it.. or at least a wig head (yes, head, not stand.. I can't put pins into a stand..) which I do not have currently. So, err, I didn't get far before I decided to screw trying to make a higher ponytail because it would tangle if I tried to separate sections of the wig. So yeah, I think I'll roll with a lower ponytail for now until I get a wig head... I namely don't think my other option is very possible at all; my twin probably wouldn't be very eager to have the wig on when I'm trying to style it for an hour or two. lololo

That's all.

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Monderleuchtet Verwandler said...

Wig styling... </3
Tell your twin you'll give him chocolate if he helps you :3