October 13, 2012

Pokéballs! + Falkner progress


Earlier today I decided to check if I could find my old candy container Pokémon figure pokéballs.. and I did. Now I at least have some kind of fitting prop to go with my Falkner cosplay, yay! It's kinda hard to come up with poses when you don't have props.. I also decided that if Jäätynyt Enkeli and Sairu-chan want to borrow a pokéball I'd lend them one each so that we all would have different but still matching pokéballs!

I thought that Jäätynyt Enkeli could use the Lure Ball (left) because it's.. well, blue, and kinda similar to a Great Ball which Silver has in this official art. Also it was introduced in Gen 2 of Pokémon so it kinda fits. Sairu-chan could borrow the Repeat Ball (middle) because it has the same color scheme as Erika whom she will cosplay. I would use the Heavy Ball (right) because it was also introduced in Gen 2 of Pokémon and it fits Falkner's color scheme somehow too.

Today I also finished Falkner's kimono style shirt. Not so much to say because it's really simple and straight-forward. I took some few pictures though.

I hemmed the arm openings, nothing special.
Cut out the collar pieces, sewed them together at one end so I got one long piece and ironed it.
Pinned the collar in place and started sewing..
Collar done
After I had hemmed the bottom. Finished.
One part of the cosplay finished, yay! And I love how my camera fucks up the colors. None of these pictures show the real color of the fabric, trolololo. Hopefully soon I'll start sewing Falkner's mini hakama.

That's it for today.


  1. It do looking good the kimono style top so far and Pokéball´s <3

    1. Thank you. Yes, pokéballs. <3 So nostalgic, hehe.

  2. Good progress here :)
    But it's true that the shirt appears to be of 3 different colors because of the camera... Oo

    1. Thanks.
      Heh, you don't say~ All those colors are way off the true color. XD

  3. Kimono-paidan väriraiskaus <3 Hyvältä näyttää ainaki tähän asti! C: Ja pokepalloa en kyll ois tarvinnu, oisin nimittäin saanut veljeltäni lainaksi, mutta hyvä tietää että jos unohdan sen sitte coniin lähtiessä niin löytyypähän varalta ^^''

    1. Se on. xD Kiitos!
      Aijaahas, joo no eipä mitään. Mietin vaan että onko sun veljellä just samanmallista.. eli just tommoist "karkkipalloa"? XD Olis siitä hieno jos kaikilla olis samantyyliset niin näyttää enemmän, ööh, yhtenäiseltä.

    2. Eipä kestä! c:
      Johan sillä niitä löytyy vaikka ja kuinka :'D Ja joo, totta puhut! xD Yhtenäisyys ryhmissä on aika tärkeä osa!


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