October 2, 2012

The start of Falkner


Not so long time ago I went to the attic and picked up some suitable fabric for my Falkner cosplay. Also during the last weekend I cut out the two body parts for Falkner's blue sleeveless kimono-style top. This time I didn't strive for making it very accurate to a genuine kimono, because, while you can see his outfit is very much inspired from Japanese clothing there are some not-so-authentic qualities to it. So well, I came up with some kind of hybrid kimono pattern.

Looked like this after being cut out.
 There's a left and right body side.. I didn't want shoulder seams, not even for this. It would have bugged me. I did skip making an okumi panel (that overlap panel on kimono) though, I just widened the front parts for this. Falkner doesn't have a visible okumi seam what I've seen anyway... not like most fictional kimono-wearing characters have it either. *shrugs*

Today I decided to sew together what I had cut out. First I zigzaged around the part on both left and right pieces which was going to be the back seam. Then I sewed them together at the back.

Back seam sewed
After that I zigzaged the sides and sewed them together.
Then I just ironed the seams open and tried it on.

So far my weird pattern idea seems to work rather well.. except that I made one small mistake; I shouldn't have cut the neck part (where the back seam start) as deep. It falls kinda low if I align the shoulders right when I wear it but luckily I will add the collar and thus get some extra width for it, which should make it look alright. If it doesn't I can just wear the thing with the shoulders off-centered so that the collar sits right, no one's going to notice anyway because the shoulders of this thing won't be seen when the whole cosplay is on ~

Camera face censor ftw
That's it for now.. I can't progress further before I cut out the collar and I need mom's help for that; we need to make sure that when we cut out the collar there will be enough fabric left to make his mini hakama. Not sure how much of this fabric there is left on the bolt (doesn't look like much) and hakama eat a lot of fabric so we need to play it safe just to be sure. trololo

Bye byee ~~

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