September 28, 2012

Skecon 2012 cosplay plans!

I've been thinking about what to cosplay at Skecon the last weeks or so and I think I've finally decided. There's still a slight risk that I might change plans, but this is what it looks like currently:


Character: Falkner
Series: Pokémon (HeartGold/SoulSilver)

Ah, Falkner, the first Gym Leader in Johto who uses Flying-types.
Truth be told, this was a veeeeery spontaneous cosplay choice.. it came out of the blue. Falkner wasn't even on my cosplay list and that's saying a lot because I have craploads of characters in my cosplay list and I list pretty much all characters who I have even the slightest interest to cosplay. Somehow Falkner wasn't there, even though I remember having the thought that "if I ever wanted to do a Pokémon trainer cosplay it would likely be Falkner" but I shrugged it off because it was very low priority and Pokémon cosplays just wouldn't be as fun doing alone... until my twin Jäätynyt Enkeli really wanted to do something new for Skecon and that 'something new' turned out to be Silver (aka the rival) from HeartGold/SoulSilver. The "AMG I WANT TO DO A (JOHTO) POKERMANZ TRAINER TOO" reaction was triggered... and Falkner was the obvious choice. Ah, this will be a trip to nostalgic times ~
Lawdy lawd someone explain to me why I'm so hopelessly stupid? My cosplays get less and less clothing the further away from summer we get. :'D I sense perfect logic here.


Character: Toshizo Hijikata
Series: Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan

Toshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ~~ <3
What is there to say? It's Hakuouki, a con without a Hakuouki cosplay is not a con! >8D
Also I've managed to get a few friends to have a mini Hakuouki group on the Saturday; we'll have a  Chizuru, Sannan, Ibuki (if I've got it right) and me as Hijikata. Of course it will be my newer version of Hijikata as seen here, only with the wig in a ponytail.
Luckily I might not freeze to death in this cosplay at least...


Because Sunday is the last day and the con ends 14:00 (at least according to their website..) I don't really feel like it's worth it to put on a full cosplay. Also if I did cosplay I would need to sit in that cosplay the 4 hour bus trip home, not sure if gusta because I would worry so much about getting the wig tangled etc. So I think I might just put on a kimono and possibly haori (no hakama because that means murder if I have to go to the toilet xD) from my vintage kimono collection or go in casual clothes with some traces of geekiness something different.. depends on the weather and how cold it is. We'll see.


Little Ukeboy said...

You're so damn right that a con without Hakuouki is not a con at all! I agree! Toshiiiii<33<3<3

Monderleuchtet Verwandler said...

What, Pokémon? Didn't see that one coming XD The char looks cool, I hope you won't be too cold...
I really really wish I could come! ^^

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Hohohoh I KNOW RIGHT? >8'DD

Valkoinen Samurai said...

It totally wasn't in my plans either.. the idea just came. XD Yeah, it might be cold.. luckily his clothes are of the sort that you can rather easily put 'normal clothes' over for cold protection if need be. For example his 'haori' doesn't really have big sleeves and stuff..

Me too!

Angie Cross said...

Oooh Falkner is acutally kinda of cool! o: still suprised that your doing him lol..An in the winter even?! Better dress up warm so you dont freeze yourslef to death lol. But I hope you a fun time at Skecon! c:

Sugar Peaches said...

nice! I really want to see how these turn out!

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Yeah, I hadn't planned to do him at first so.
I will.

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Thanks. Keep following my blog and you eventually will. xD