September 16, 2012

My final con for this year is set: Skecon

For some time I've been thinking about going to Skecon, a small anime convention held for the first time at Skellefteå in Sweden 2-4 November this year. Seeing how Skellefteå is in the northern part of Sweden and thus not far away from me (read: cheap train/bus tickets!) I decided some minutes ago that "HELL I AM GOING THERE". Gonna support those smaller cons in the north too. <3 They are selling 200 tickets and I think Skecon will be a nice last mini convention to wrap up my con-adventures for this year! Ooh I can't wait! I don't think I can go to ConFusion in Gothenburg this December. :'( But I'll try to go to winter!Närcon 2013.

I have some ideas on what characters I could cosplay there but there's still some slight I'm-not-sure-yet so I'm not gonna announce my cosplay plans quite yet. Stay tuned though, there will be Hakuouki! >8D

1 comment:

Psycho Cat said...

Now you make me want to got too Skecon again D=
Men det är bra att du väljer att går på det som ligger nära dig och stödjer dom =D