September 19, 2012

Toshi makeup test (aka photo spam!)

 Hi all.

I got home early today so I had several hours of being home alone to derp around in cosplays and what-have-you. I've been having an urge to try on my upgraded Hijikata cosplay for quite some time now so yeah, I did it. At first I was feeling very lazy to do any makeup but after thinking about it I decided to go all out; I needed to come up with some fitting makeup for Toshi anyway. Toshi sounds cute.
I didn't even try to tie the wig into a ponytail because 1) I can't style it alone 2) even if I somehow magically managed to do a nice ponytail it wouldn't hold the shape until Kemi's manga day. Why bother? Besides, Hijikata does have his hair untied at least at the beginning of Sekkaroku's opening and in one of the game CG's so it's not terribly inaccurate either ~

OH GOD WHY is his hakama so SHORT here??? It bugs the living crap out of me... rofl
*nods* *nods*
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand now it's time for photo spam.
Here's the results of my derping ~ 

Again most photos are mirror photos, sorry 'bout that. I dislike mirror photos because it makes kimonos go corpse mode. Eew. Also most photos are a bit blurry and my hakama knot is lolrepsderp on some photos. *facedesk*

Like a walrus :'DDD boss
I think that's my usual camera grump face. lol
I'm fabulous
Angst? I dunno..
Dirty mirror, Toshi does not approve...
I don't even
Adjusting kimono...
Onks se jotenki väärin että saan kicksit keksit tuosta ilmeestä? X'DD
Me gusta ~
 I think this is my favorite face shot:
Pfsfhgdshgf <3
 And when I thought everything was all rainbows and awesomeness...
Something's not right here...
(aka I noticed I had the swords on the wrong side.. cosplaying Saitou too much.. Orz)
I think I wanted to kick myself in the face. OTL 
Oh well, switched the swords over to the other side. and then, for some reason, I didn't get any good photos anymore – except maybe this one, lol. So typical or what?

I also noticed later that I had completely forgot his white sword-holder-obi-whatever-thing too. Oh god, why do I fuck up with all those smaller details? Urgh. Oh well, luckily this was just a kind of 'test', as long as I don't screw up when it's the real deal (cons, events) then it's alright I guess. Still bugs me though. *shrugs* Well well, now I at least know how to do the make-up for Toshi.

And now I guess everyone wants to vomit on me if I post any more photos for now so...

Awaiting Kemi's manga day ~


Sairu Chan said...

Spölölölölö~ Tuo meikki sopii NIIN hyvin Hijikataan!! En malta odottaa Mangapäiviä <3 o3o

(Toivon todellakin ettei ole väärin saada "keksejä" tuosta ilmeestä xD)

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Psgjhfdgsg KIITOS ja en minäkään malta odottaa, tulis jo!! <3

(hohoho... xD)