September 4, 2012


hanska = glove (in Finnish)

And it's done!

How I made it? Well, I took some pattern paper, spread out my hand on it and traced out an exaggerated mega-sized version of my hand. Yes, it looked ridiculous and I laughed until I cried.
Then I just cut the pattern out, put it on top of this.. err.. is it called PVC fabric or what in English? I dunno, it's not leather but it has a slightly similar feel, it is shiny and it doesn't fray.
Whatever, I cut out a front and a backside glove 'prototype'. 

Cut out
Cut finger spacings and just sewed the glove together, leaving the finger holes open for obvious reasons. Then I turned it right side out and tried it on.
I must say at first when I was trying to get it on it felt like I had made it too small.. but after some time and struggling I got it past the narrow part and then it... well...

If this is supposed to be a glove I'm a fucking whale shark.
Yeah, just like that.
So.. to get back on track. I cut the glove fingers shorter and then it looked like this:

Better... but still rather fugly. (note the 'bump' and retard looking thumb)
So I went and took it in a bit and reformed the thumb opening and placement slightly and then I had got something that I finally could call a 'glove'.. without feeling like I was trying to fool myself.

Not perfect, it's still a bit bunchy but it's decent enough ~
Remember that I mentioned earlier that this was a 'prototype'? Or well, supposed to be more like a try-out. Well, it turned out better than I had thought in the end so I didn't bother to make another. xD This one was fine after the modifications.

And this means that my Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi Saitou cosplay is now ready for debut at Tracon, AWWWWWWW YEEEEEEAAAAAA!!

This is probably going to be my last blog post before Tracon so, well, see you there!!


Angie Cross said...

Yep your right samurai is called PVC...And this gloves looks really cool :>

And i see you somewhere else lol~

Psycho Cat said...

Yay glove´s ^w^
Jag hoppas du får många bilder på den cospaly med =D

Sugar Peaches said...

hey wow they look awesome! all the gloves Ive made look... well they dont look good lets just say that xD