September 3, 2012

I has a shirt!


I started working on Bakumatsu Renka Saitou's shirt yesterday and I just finished it. I didn't take progress photos of every step because it was a rather simple project and I focused more on getting it done because, as we all know, Tracon is this coming weekend and I also will be leaving home already on Thursday.. and Wednesday goes for packing stuff so.. yeah.

I will now show those few progress photos I took while making the shirt:

Front and back pieces cut out + arm hole facings
I had to widen the collar to get the thing over my head. My chosen fabric didn't stretch at all.
(I did widen it more than what this shows in the end)
Then I went ahead and sewed the shoulders together and side seams. No need for explanations.
After that it was time to attach the facings. I had never done this before so I was worried the facings wouldn't fit, I angled them wrong etc. But luckily they ended up being pretty damn perfect.

Test pinning facings in place to check that they were of the right size..
Sewn together, zigzaged around the "flap edge" and stitched on top so that the facings stay better on the 'wrong side'.

Making a self-made facing patterns for the collar because the original pattern was wrongly curved after the widening earlier...
I must say I was really unsure if the collar facing would fit right because, err, I made the pattern by tracing it over onto pattern paper directly from the shirt itself... and I couldn't even see if I was tracing right because the pattern paper was kinda thick, herp. So I just had to feel my way where the collar was and trace. It felt like it would be a fail but I went ahead and cut out the facings in fabric. I added some extra centimeters to both ends of the facings (back and front) just to be sure that they would fit when sewn together. After having cut out the facings I had veeeery little fabric left (read: barely enough if I ended up fucking it up) and now when I tried to line up the front and back pieces to meet at the ends it seemed like the front piece was too long. I was ready to shorten it when mom came and said "don't cut it, you might need the excess length when sewing the facing around the collar". So I put away the scissors.

Test pinning the collar facing on
When I had pinned the facing to the collar I noticed pretty early that one of the facing shoulder seams wouldn't align with the shirt shoulder seam if the other side did. "Fuck.. now it probably won't be long enough.." I thought but kept on test pinning... and then I noticed it was just long enough to go around. AWWWWWW YEEEEEEAAAAA, thanks mom!

And by that I was finished ~

I has a shirt! :'DDD
Now just to make the glove and get ready for the con ~


Psycho Cat said...

Looking sweet and good and better then my stuff I did today really. Good work.

Mira くん said...

Näyttää hienolta! Vielä HANSKAAAAAAAA ja sitten on jo Tracon time~ 8DD