October 27, 2012

Falkner's mini hakama pt.2

 Guess what guys?

There's only 5 days left to finish my Falkner cosplay before Skecon. Ouch.
Decided to sew on his hakama style pants most of the day. I won't explain so much what I did because I'm lazy but I'll show some photos of the process at least. It's pretty simple.

I started with doing the pleats. Remember, this is not the authentic way to make hakama. Two back (overlap) and two in front. I'm fully aware that hakama normally have 5 pleats in the front but Falkner's hakama doesn't really look like your typical hakama... and I kinda interpret those two "folds" on the front like pleats soooo... *shrugs* Besides I need to make pleats or I'd have those humongous granny pants which I do not want. lol

Making front pleats..
... and back pleats.
I went ahead and ironed the pleats and after that I needed to cut out the last missing parts.. the ties. I used most of the last bits of the fabric I had left. I cut out 4 about 165 cm long and 7,5 cm wide strips of fabric. I would have made them wider if I wasn't so short on fabric.

 Ties cut out
Zigzaged all around and sewed them together at one end so I had 2 long ones
Ironed to get a middle fold
Sew the ties into a long "tube" so that the zigzag is folded inside...
Sew a straight seam across the pleats to secure them
(front piece on photo, of course do same to back piece)
Pin the ties in place and sew them on
At this point I was done except for heming the pant legs. I tried them on very sloppily and noticed that they were waaaaaay too long. My typical mistake. ._. Oh well, it's much easier to shorten than to lengthen..

They were supposed to end at my knees. lol
Gonna cut off some excess length next time and hem them. *yawns* I don't feel like doing anymore for today. Next time I'll finish these so that I can start working on Falkner's jacket.

Bye for now!

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