April 23, 2013

Hair cutting scissors and Kazuma wig trimming

I bought scissors for wig hair cutting from eBay some time ago and received them today. Earlier I just cut my wigs with mini scissors and well.. it worked but it wasn't the best and my hands hurt like hell if I had to cut for a longer time. I figured that if I will cut a lot more wigs in the future, which I will, so why not get some scissors actually meant for doing just that? Okay, I had my doubts buying from a cheap-ish eBay Hong Kong seller but turned out these are actually pretty sweet.. at least for someone non-professional like me who just needs 'em for a wacky hobby ~

le hair cutting scissors
(yes, I'm left-handed and these are leftie style. Haters gonna hate ~)
And with those I attacked the wig. Sure there wasn't much to cut, I just wanted to trim the bangs a little shorter because the bangs, although pretty nice, were originally of that derp-length that makes me look, well.. derp.

Wig before cutting
(sorry, flash photo)
After trimming the bangs (also layering them slightly) and trying the wig on my head it looked like this:

Excuse yellow bathroom light..
(mirror photo)
Now the bangs barely cover my eyes and thus don't look as derp anymore. I'll do a Kazuma cosplay preview later ~


Sairu Chan said...

Scissors for hair cutting sure are sweet with wigs styling c: Your Kazuma-wig turned great! Can's wait to see more pictures of this cosplay! ^^

Monderleuchtet Verwandler said...

This looks really cool! ^_^ Your wig looks very natural ~

Psycho Cat said...

Looks good and so nice you got scissors that are for you.

Arawn Elidd said...

Your Kazama wig looks much better with the bangs cut short! Glad you were able to get those nice left-handed hair cutting scissors. :^)

Valkoinen Samurai said...

"Kazama". xD I know, close enough ~

Arawn Elidd said...

You're welcome!
Haha yes~ xD For sure lol!