April 13, 2013

Kazuma wig test

Got my wig for Kazuma yesterday. I'm at Jäätynyt Enkeli's place right now and I will stay here the whole weekend but I took with me the kimono items needed for Kazuma so that I could do a quick wig test preview while here. Oh, and this is pretty much a closet cosplay for me.. I happened to have all the clothing items for this already thanks to my kimono hobby. xD I just bought the haori and the wig.. not like he always wears a haori but it doesn't hurt to have it ~

I barely bothered with make-up and I'm not sure if I should trim the bangs on this wig a bit or not because on the manga Kazuma's hair length varies; sometimes it covers most of his eyes and sometimes it doesn't. ._. But I think I might shorten the bangs slightly because it might look better on me.

This is the only at least semi-decent photo I got and it's taken with the help of a mirror too so yeah, I'm not actually dead. lol Oh, and it's the manga version.

(oh, yes, the mirror is dirty..)
Not so much more to say, if I decide to trim the wig you'll get a proper preview later.


ひとり said...

Awwww cuteeh <3

Sairu Chan said...

Wow! This wig looks great on you! :) Can't wait to see more pictures of Kazuma~ ^^

Closet-cosplays are pretty handy xD

penquinnchan said...

Miksi bloggerissa ei voi olla -tykkää- nappia? :o olisi helpompaa näin, mutta sanonpa silti että tykkään (((x

Arawn Elidd said...

You are such a handsome Kazuma! :D Great work for just a closet cosplay ~!

Ritzy-kun said...

Wooo!! Can't wait to see more photos. That's such a nice wig!

Angie Cross said...

Yaaay looks great! ^___^ this makes me so happy to see!I sort of knew all alnog that you would look well handsome as him! xD *A* can't wait to see more pictures! <3