April 30, 2013

Dat Animucon ticket

A pleasant surprise awaited me in the mailbox today and by that I mean a letter from Urumi's store, aka my Animecon ticket order!

It is also of the fabric style (better!) and has the standard con ticket width: 1,5 cm. No megasize 2 cm like Desucon ticket. xD This ticket also has that pull-up-black-lock-to-fasten system.. when you pull it upwards it will lock itself so that you can't pull it back.
Oh, I also noticed how very similar this year's Animecon ticket is when compared to last year's. Pretty much the same colors (except this year's has a gray inside while last year's had a more green-gray), same fonts etc.

Not so much more to say, looking forward to con summer!

1 comment:

Arawn Elidd said...

Awesome! Man, I'm so jelly that you guys get fancy fabric style con tickets (meanwhile we get crappy laminated paper). xD