April 10, 2013

Desucon ticket arrived!

I forgot to make a post yesterday but I will do so today instead..
Because I got my Desucon arm band ticket in the mail!

The ticket fastens by pulling up that black lock thingy.. when you pull it upwards it will lock itself so that you can't pull it back.. aka if you put it on and tighten it you won't get it off without cutting it up. :DD
Okay, so last year I was on my first Desucon ever and back then the arm band tickets were made of paper.. this year it's fabric and well, fabric ones seem to be quite rare in Finland. Most cons in Finland I've been to have had paper arm bands (except Animecon 2012) as opposed to all Swedish cons which sported fabric ones. Then again Finnish cons send your arm band tickets in the mail while in Sweden you print out a paper receipt which you take to the con and exchange for an arm band ticket at the con place.. after standing in line for a few hours normally. Finnish cons are good because by sending the tickets home with the mail you avoid horribly slow con queues!

I must say that when I got the Desucon arm band I was like "man, this thing has been over-nourished!" because the letters on it are much bigger than what I'm used to and the whole thing is wider than the Swedish counterparts as well as the Animecon 2012 one, aka 2 cm instead of 1,5 cm. Oh well, not like I mind. x) Fabric tickets ftw! I highly prefer fabric arm band tickets over paper ones and that's because paper ones are more sensitive to damage and they wrinkle and get in bad condition much easier. I like to save and collect all my con tickets as memories so it's better if they stay in good condition longer hehe ~


Monderleuchtet Verwandler said...

Yay for Desucon and fabric arm bands tickets! ^_^
(What you wrote here about Swedish and Finnish cons is good to know... hehe.)

Arawn Elidd said...

Wow, that is a really high-quality arm band ticket! ^-^ Verrrry cool! I wish cons in the USA would do that; instead, we get a boring laminated badge hung on a lanyard. lololo